Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fred Imus, 1941-2011

Very sad news today about Fred Imus.

Like you, I always looked forward to Fred's calls. He was hilarious and a great part of the program, and he influenced the show in countless ways, big and small. He'll be missed by fans - even John McCain mentioned his passing today on Twitter. But more importantly, he'll be dearly missed by his friends and family.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Fred and his family.


dee said...

I laughed and felt really sad when I listened to his recent appearances at wabcradio.com. He was probably the funniest and most lovable guest ever. So many classic comments...

It was nice to see Brian Williams give a warm tribute in last night's NBC nightly news.

Whenever someone dies suddenly like this I can't help thinking of the reaction of the guys in "Grumpy Old Men" when their friend died of a heart attack in his sleep - "Lucky bastard!". I hope Fred is at peace and feels lucky while the rest of us feel sad.

Juan Morecow said...

Today Neil Cavuto did a moving tribute to Fred and the special relationship of the Imus brothers.


dee said...

That was great - thanks Juan Morecow and Neil Cavuto

BigTimeJazzFan said...

The Cavuto tribute was great...and it is refreshing to see some respects were given on other networks for the Imus Family's loss.

Listening as I did for years to The I-Man almost wanting to reach through the telephone to strangle Fred when he had nothing in the way of material, or when Fred would call on a $3 cell phone and sound like a 12 kbps mp3 was hysterical.

We'll miss you, Fred.

Juan Morecow said...

To me, Fred calling in with no material or having a lousy phone connection or whatever was as funny as his other calls because it never seemed to bother him. He kept driving on.

It was all part of his thoroughly loveable, "Fred-ness."

Phyllis said...

Rest in Peace, Fred. You were ALWAYS the best caller.

I always made sure the TiVo was set when I knew Fred was going to be on the show.

One of my favorite Fred appearances was when Imus was scolding him because Fred had been sneaking around smoking when he had been trying to give it up. Imus was really letting him have it and said he was just giving up on him. Fred said "Well, Deirdre still likes me." And Imus said "she won't when she finds out you've been sneaking around smoking". And Fred, in a voice and tone reserved for a brother, said "well, she won't HAVE to find out about it unless you tell her,now will she!"

There was something so universal about their conversations that showed how the bond of a special brother seemed so right and so loving. They probably had that conversation about similar things for nearly 70 years. Lucky us -- we were in on some of their conversations.

That they ended each time by saying "I love you" brings tears to my eyes. The F-Man deserves all the tributes and posts from his fans and more -- he was a funny, gentle-hearted person who I hope is at Peace. He was brave enough to live life on his own terms. Job well done, Fred.

Phyllis in Tennessee