Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's Not You...It's Me

No, really, it is. You're not the reason I haven't been calling or visiting lately. I've had other obligations, other people in town. It's been busy.

Would this make you feel better? How about this? Don't feel bad, 'cause I still like you, and we got a good thing goin' on.


FakePhyllis said...

Hi CollegeGirl,

All is forgiven -- we're busy too. Thanks for the videos. Whittaker Chambers and Santa Claus is a Ho-Ho-Ho-Homo made my day. Tells you what my day is like.

Hope Imus got a good report from Dr. Peek-a-Boo so he can enjoy the Christmas break without having to worry about his "candy cane".

See you in the New Year.

Later Alligator,
Love and Kisses,

Anonymous said...

Any chance you still have the Sal Minella's Night Before Christmas skit that aired on Imus. It was a Christmas tradition when I was younger and I haven't heard it for years.

Anonymous said...

WABC radio has a link to the audio of this year's Sal Minella - it's been going viral; keeps showing up in my e-mail. Still funny!

M.D.oran said...

So what do we think about this news from todays US News and World Report that got talked about on todays show...Is the I-Man done at FBN?!?

Anonymous said...

Est-il temps d'éteindre les lumières et fermer la porte?

Not You said...

Non, il n'est pas temps d'eteindre les lumieres et fermer la porte!

CG: vous me beaucoup manquez!

Anonymous said...

Wo sind all die Menschen dann, wenn es nicht an der Zeit, diesen Zug zu stoppen und zurück zur Ranch gegangen?

FakePhyllis said...

Ooooooo Noooooo --


Charles is homebase, the glue. Just hope it was his idea and wasn't a shove. He deserves to make his own decision and I hope he is.

Luv me some Charles.

Anonymous said...

Imus would never allow Charles to be pushed out. I'm worried that either he or someone in his family is ill. CG, where are you?

Anonymous said...

Helloooo -- Anybody there?

I miss Charles already. It hurts to watch Imus watch Charles. I hope Charles is okay.