Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The 3rd Annual Imus Ranch Golf Outing will be held this Wednesday, September 22nd in Milford, CT. It should be a lot of fun.


Anonymous said...

Hi CollegeGirl--

It DOES sound like fun -- wish I were going but I'll have to enjoy it via my DVR.

I read today that Bill Orally said he has dirt on Christine O'Donnel and that he wants her to come on the show. Do you think that's a threat or do you think he's just offering to clean off the dirt with his loofah?

Do you think Imus and Charles wanted to suggest a loofah for a birthday gift to Bill last week. You know he wanted to say it SO bad.

If you go to the Golf outing save me a t-shirt please? Is Fred providing the shirts?

"Fred on Fridays" -- I love him with Warner and their picks.

Have a great week, CG.

Mike said...

The I-Man and I were throwing dinner rolls at those yuppies with the whales on their pants.

Not You said...


Fear at the Pier!