Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wow. Just...Wow.

As we quietly read our lunch menus, I couldn't help but listen to the people in the booth behind me. They were a couple, a man and a woman, and they were holding a lively conversation.

The woman was talking about a person - I have no idea who - but her caustic tone showed that she wasn't a fan of him. And the man felt the same way.

Because when she finished her story the man slapped the table and cried, "Get OFF my PHONE! Are you SERIOUS?"

* * *

So, question. Do people actually use this phrase? Is it popular with The Kids Today, or something? Because I had no idea.

Now it's your turn. Have you ever had a weird situation like this? Random people on the sidewalk or in the Chinese restaurant singing "Astral Weeks" or quoting Alger Hiss? Share your stories.


Mike said...

At after-work karaoke a few weeks ago, Love Shack came on. There was one guy who was a little too obsessed with Fred Schneider's monotone yelling, and started talking to his friends that way. I was about to jump in with "Yo duermo, I sleep! Usted duerme, you sleep! Ellos duermen, they sleep BABY!"

I wish Rob would do that character more often.

CG said...

Haha, that's a great story. Moments like that happen a lot to me.

Oddly enough, when we were heading towards the restaurant that day, one of my friends in the car was complaining about a horrific concert that she'd attended a few months ago. That concert was - no joke - Van Morrison.

"I paid a ton of money for the tickets, and he played for less than an hour! He never acknowledged the audience at all, the merchandise outside the concert was over a year old," and so forth. While she was happy about seeing Van in the flesh, she was very disappointed in the experience overall.

I was driving and listening to her story, and I felt really bad for her, but deep down, I couldn't help but think: "At least he didn't kick you out of your dressing room."