Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Empire Radio

Today's topic? New York Governors!

-First, there's this article, which claims that Eliot Spitzer almost got a radio contract...with WABC. Which would have been fun.

-Several days ago the New York Times ran an interesting article about Gov. Paterson and his affinity for calling in to various radio shows in the NYC area. In fact, the photo accompanying the article showed a very detailed, candid shot of the back of the I-man's head. Not gonna lie, if I were the Governor of New York, I too would totally mess with people and call in to my favorite radio shows as "CG from Albany."


Fake Cardinal Egan, bejeez. said...

Am I the only one who thinks that the congressman was entrapped by those two filming him, and then the video was carefully edited to make it seem as though he was more antagonistic than he was? I don't subscribe to a lot of democratic politics/policies, but I feel that he was entrapped.

Keyboard Jockey said...

Has anyone noticed that Larry Gatlin keeps breaking into song while he is filling in for Imus? I am enjoying Business McHottie reaction to said Gatlin breaking into Acapulco in the middle of a discussion GRIN. Colin McShane - thought bubble...I really need to read over my contract!


There is one thing we can all be thankful for. We know Imus won't break into a chorus of anything while he's talking.

Keyboard Jockey said...

I know now that Larry Gatlin has 4 year old grand child, working his Iphone, and that Colin's child has just turned five. Both children have been given the duty to work the electronic gadgets in both households. I have a 13 year old that has been pulling that duty for sometime now. I keep getting told, I should get one of those jitterbug phones, I'm not that old...really.

You know Imus must be recording the show...I can't imagine the string of expletives being strung together LOL!

He is going to have plenty of material for when he returns.....

Keyboard Jockey said...

uh sorry he didn't break into Acapulco, although I wouldn't mind watching him do that a kind of reverse invasion of Mexico by the Gatlins...he broke into "Acapella"

Fake Cardinal Egan, bejeez. said...

I like Larry! :) I only brought the congressman thing up because Connell was talking about it (while sitting in Chuck's chair, no less.)

Keyboard Jockey said...

Fake Cardinal,

I think Larry has the jitters, and he is using going into song improv, and hyping his latest music compilations to cover up keep it flowing.

When he would improv with a song in the middle of a discussion before, he was a guest but now he is the host it's different.

Keyboard Jockey said...

It is kind of weird seeing Connell McShane in Charles chair...I got Connell's name wrong, didn't mean to....so from now on I will just refer to him as Hottie McBusiness :)

FakePhyllis said...

CG --

Who does Larry Gatlin have nude pictures of? Why else would he be sitting in for Imus? And please tell me Larry wasn't wearing Imus' black cowboy hat today.

Poor Connell, having to sit there and try to keep a straight face knowing that Imus is gonna give him he## when he gets back. I can see why Charles and Dagan got out of town faster than horse thieves.

If Larry sings "I got up this morning feeling fine" one more time, I may shoot the teevee in an Elvis rage.

Imus, for the love of God, hurry back. And to whomever Larry has nude pictures of, please, next time just run "Best Of" clips -- how about starting the clips tomorrow.

Keyboard Jockey said...

The show was better today....maybe Larry is getting comfortable with the set and all.

I like Vince Gill, he should come on the show and perform.