Monday, April 12, 2010

Yay For Articles

This one is pretty good.

EDIT: OK, for some reason it's not letting me link to that article, so here's a summary of it via mediabistro. So I guess the title of this post should be "Yay For Article Summaries," or something.


M.D.oran said...

Could someone please teach Warner what 'pinestraw' is? Phil Mickelson played his shot on the 13th hole on Sunday at Augusta from the 'pinestraw', not the 'pinegrass'... Dope

Anonymous said...

CG --

I thought Warner called it sawdust at one point. But he's so cute who cares?

Is there another way to post the Mojo article so we don't have to register on their site? -- if not, nevermind.

Thanks a bunch.

CG said...

That is very strange; the site lets you read it if you access it via Google News, but it won't let you click on it from here. Thanks for letting me know about that, because that doesn't make any sense.

I changed the link to a different story, which just summarizes the article and hits all the high points. Sorry about that!

I didn't notice anything amiss with Warner because I am generally pretty clueless about golf. My biggest accomplishments in that sport are riding the cart and getting the ball past the windmill. :)

DL said...

CG: The Google suggeston worked. Thanks - great article.

dee said...

Wish I'd known about the Google link CG - I registered and had to give them my life story, now I'm expecting bills in the mail or whatever...

Interesting article, thanks.

Love Paula Deen's accent, y'all

FakePhyllis said...

CG --

I enjoyed the article -- thought it was funny this morning when Jenna said that Imus had told her to read it.

Guess what -- I entered the contest for the trip to NYC to see the show. Now I'm a little afraid I might win and a fight will break out that day or the I-Man and Charles will be arguing, as couples do.

If I do win, I'm bringing Dagen some water pills for her fluid problem, and I think I have some unused Vicodin that I might bring along too, just in case.

Sorry to be anonymous in the second comment above -- Dope.

FakePhyllis said...

Hi CG --

Where you at?

Charles was on The Daily Show tonight -- he was part of a montage showing people trying to pronounce the name of the volcano.

Yay Charles.

CG said...

I'm still here! A new post is coming soon, I promise.

Thanks for the heads-up about the Daily Show. I watched part of the skit on their website, and Charles is the only one who actually sounds dignified. I did like the guy who said it sounded like a Beatles record played backwards.

Keyboard Jockey said...

Look Who Is Dominating The News.

Get Down To Business With Imus Sweepstakes Fox Business News, Ends May 3rd...Scroll Down To Chickaboomer's Political Bondage & Discipline. It's not just an RNC issue. Domination it's an American thing ;)

FakePhyllis said...

CG --

We drove over to Nashville last night to see Levon at the Ryman. What a great show -- Levon christened a new set of ruby red drums, and he even danced a jig.

Experiencing the Ramble in person allowed me to understand what Imus means when he describes somebody as "almost Larry Campbell good." In person: unbelievable.

I'm sending a donation to the Ranch in memory of Larry's mom. I understand that's what the family requested.

CG said...

Phyllis, that is AWESOME! That sounds like an incredible experience! I would love to see any of those guys live. (And I would love to see Levon dance as well.)

I got the idea for the next post from your story, so thank you! :-)