Thursday, April 1, 2010

A New Beginning

This blog changes today. Instead of focusing on a radio show, it will henceforth discuss the life and career of the 30th President of the United States, Calvin Coolidge. (See my new screenname for confirmation.)

In the comments, discuss your favorite memories and moments of the Coolidge Administration.


Mike said...

Just this morning I was YouTubing Larry King's exclusive interview with the then new President Coolidge, who had just been plucked from vice presidential boredom after the tragic death of Warren G. Apparently the whole country wanted to know, had he ever dipped his nugget pouch in Susan B. Anthony's pie hole.

Just one more Cal baby, just one more Cal.

CG said...

Haha, NICE!!

When I was doing research for this entry, I stumbled across a potential gold mine for a Five Favorite Songs list. Somebody compiled a CD of "Famous Presidential Campaign Songs," from Washington to Clinton. I REALLY want this CD. It contains classics such as "Keep Cool With Coolidge,""Get On a Raft With Taft," and (my favorite), "Buckle Down With Nixon." That'll get the kids on the dance floor!

FakePhyllis said...

Thanks for nothing, CoolidgeGirl.

You RickRoll'd me? Not very Cool(idge) of you.

Happy AF Day.

CG said...

Hah, my apologies, Phyllis. :-)

This slightly creepy anecdote from Coolidge's Wikipedia page would definitely make the Bernie Briefing if it happened today. It's about the first time Coolidge's future wife Grace laid eyes upon him:

"While Grace was watering flowers outside the school one day in 1903, she happened to look up at the open window of Robert N. Weir's boardinghouse and caught a glimpse of Calvin Coolidge shaving in front of a mirror with nothing on but long underwear and a hat."

Forget for a moment the the future President being undressed in full view of a schoolhouse. My biggest question is...who in the world shaves while wearing a HAT? Guys, is this a common practice? Do you pop on the trucker cap before you rev up the Gillette?

Oh well. Hope everyone had a great April Fool's.