Saturday, March 27, 2010

Imus at Night

It'll be on Thursday, April 8th; click here for tickets and more info.


CG said...

This is...unsettling:

I watched the little clip of Imus showing off his fabulous Uggs. Right now, as I type this, there are a pair of eerily similar boots sitting on the right-hand side of my closet. And although mine are the local department-store knockoffs, not the real thing, that makes it no less disturbing.

Now if I could only find some turquoise boots with butterflies on them...;)

dee said...

CG, I seem to recall a big ad for Uggs that was posted to your blog and later removed by you - are you sure you didn't cave to temptation from that ad?

CG said...

Haha, it was hard, but I did turn down the Japanese robot. :-)

FakePhyllis said...

CG --

The Uggs and rainbow-colored sneakers were indeed troubling.

What do you suppose is next? --

Turquoise rings to match his boots?

Imus going to the garment district to choose silks for his spring/summer kimonos?

Or flying on NetJets to South Beach for the weekend? To see Ricky Martin?

Oh Noes!

Morning Joe said...

If you cannot find ratings for Imus on FBN, it's because Imus and FBN have such low viewership that FBN doesn't even qualify to be rated.

So, it sadly appears that there are only about 4 people tuning into Imus in the Morning on FBN.

CG said...

Hopefully that will change once FBN starts getting into more homes...they're still not with a few major providers, sadly.

And Phyllis, oh noes indeed!