Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Favorite Moments

All right, here's a question that I've never asked before. What are your favorite moments from the program?

It could be anything. Maybe something famous (or not-so-famous) from the past, or maybe something that you hear every day. Whatever you'd like to mention.

And if you can't think of anything off the top of your head - because, hey, we are talking 35+ years of material here - then just list something that made you laugh. Like, "Hey remember that one time when that guy messed up? And everybody laughed at him? Well, that was hott."


DL said...

By far and away: The first airing of "The First Lady Is A Tramp". Done in the voice of Rush Limbaugh.

Driving to NYC just about to go in the Holland tunnel. Had to pull over to the side of the road I was laughing so hard. Cop came up to see if I was ok.

DL said...

"The First Lady is a Tramp" by Rob Bartlett performing as "Rush Limbaugh". April/May 1994.
She goes to state dinners
With her les....friends
Makes big investments
With high dividends
Forgets to pay taxes
And then makes amends
That's why the first lady is a tramp
She won't do housework
Because it makes her sick
Doesn't bake cookies
Like the rest of the chicks
The ace in her hole
Is a Willie that's slick
That's why the first lady is a tramp
She likes the way
Christoff does her hair
National healthcare
She's rich, a b...
Executive priveledge
Is what makes her damp
That's why the first lady is a tramp
She always takes top
When she 4 ni c8's
Gets really cranky
When she men stroo 8s
Prefers to stand up
When she ur in 8s
That's cuz the first lady is a tramp
She's sophisticated
And so very well read
Doesn't to to the ballet
Likes pro wrestling instead
Made Vince Foster shoot himself in the head
That's why the first lady is a tramp

Mad Dog said...

My favorite Imus moments were when he was on WFAN...

Coach Brown said...

-Bernie doing Maya Angelou.
-Bernie doing Cardinal O'Connor (not Egan, who is too politically correct)
-The old WFAN phone calls with Pat O'Brian
-The day Mike Breen left. I love Breen and the crew gave him such hell that day it was hilarious.
-After "the speech from hell" when Imus was asked to apologize by John-John Kennedy's magazine, and he lost it on the air.

Juan Morecow said...

In no particular order...

Charles' Alger Hiss rant.
Bernie as Cardinal O'Connor (as Coach Brown said, Egan is too PC)
Rob as himself or anybody else. But my fav is when he was Liza Mineli. I have it on video tape and his make-up and facial expressions are a scream.
All visits by Col. Jacobs.
All visits by Tim Russert.
Mike Breen's call-ins as Bill from White Plains.
Lou Rufino's impromptu impersonations.
The times they did the "Hamas In The Morning" parody.

For me, the best moments were pre-WABC.

Mike said...

"Yo duermo, I sleep! Usted duerme, you sleep! Ellos duermen, they sleep, BABY!"

"How is that funny?! Explain to me how you saying 'erection' for 'election' is funny! Tell me how it's funny! Tell me how that's funny! Did you have a clergy incident when you were a kid?!"

"Dick Cheney is still a war criminal, Hillary Clinton is still Satan, and I'm back on the radio!"

DL said...

Off topic so sorry about that.

Was curious about an advertiser on the show. Your Marketing Sucks.

Thought I'd check out the website.

Found this. Kind of interesting.

Hard Rockin' Daddy said...

To quote Juan, "For me, the best moments were pre-WABC."

Yes, pre-WABC was when the show was Laugh-out-loud funny..

Now, all that is left of Imus in the Morning are a few amusing moments now and then...

FakePhyllis said...

CG --

Aaaall Time Favorite: Imus with Fred.

My favorite was when the farm animals were running wild on the set at the Ranch. Imus told Fred he was going to kill him if he didn't come "right now" and do something about it. I think a goat and chicken (at least) were involved.

CG said...

That's a cool, article, DL! Thanks for posting that! :)

Well, I’m in an awkward spot. Everybody else gave great responses, and I don’t even know the answer to my own question! But I’ll try to answer it in the best way possible:

-Imus yelling at David Gregory for busting out dance moves while hosting the Today Show.”

- Nearly all of the classic moments involving, to quote Tony Hendra, “lesbian spats.” You know, Whittaker Chambers and the like. I’m one out of a handful of fans who still enjoys elderly couple nitpicking. I admit it. The pettier the better.

-The day I learned that Dime Store Jesus and the Lord are not the same.

-Too many “characters” to count; I’d be here all day. I still remember laughing that time when Karl Childers ran the phones during a contest, and grew angry at the callers who couldn’t answer simple questions. I loved the Nagin moment when he complained about voters in Chicago, and how they “and the rest of the state of Michigan” were terrible. Imus: “Chicago’s in Illinois.” Awkward pause. Nagin: “Imus this ain’t a GEOGRAPHY QUIZ.”

-Bernie, Rob, and Tony’s one liners, Lou’s voices, Warner being awesome in general. Charles reading texts, being the slightly crazed voice of reason, and acting like a mom.

-Really, though, my favorite moments are when the group is talking together about something, anything, and the jokes start flying and everyone feeds off each other and the comic energy. Those are the best parts for me.