Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Keeping Up Appearances

Rob Bartlett will be at tbe Gotham Comedy Club this Saturday, February 6th, at 8 PM. Tickets and more information can be found here.

Rob Bartlett and Tony Powell will be at the The Lane Theater in Staten Island on Saturday, February 13th, at 8 PM. Tickets and more information can be found here.


Keyboard Jockey said...


MSNBC's Mourning Joe, is now in 4th Place.

Van Morrison said...

Bet Rob and Tony put on a Great Show!

FakePhyllis said...

CG --

Van Morrison could pick up the Blind Boys and go to the show.

Fake Cardinal Egan, bejeez. said...

Is it me, or is Imus the best he's ever been? Dagen was a very good addition. I kind of miss Karith - if only her material were edgier on his show. Her stand up is great. I think Sid should be on more too. Too bad Warner never takes off.

FakePhyllis said...

CG --

Just an observation on appearances -- they say the camera doesn't lie:

Imus is on fire, he's so hot! Sizzling hot. Looks great, sounds strong, Don Pardo.

Bernard and Charles act scared spit-less that Imus is going to do something that'll get them all fired...again. They're always reigning in the I-man. They must not know he is fighting cancer. Courageously. Let the I-Man be the I-Man!

Charles seems jittery -- he can't keep his white tennis shoes still. Yes, I'm ADD like Imus, and I notice things too much. And, Imus is right about Charles' hair -- he needs a good cut and color. Too handsome to live in the past, Charles.
Lou is adorable. Period.
Warner is funny, sweet, and timeless. I want to hear his five songs!
Sid is hilarious and dangerous -- better in small doses IMVHO.
Rob seems to be hitting his stride again --and (surprisingly)he looks very handsome.
Tony is okay, but his range is from A to B -- and always the same thing (angry, furrowed brow, combative)with the mock outrage...probably necessary, but not entertaining.
Karith seemed a bit naive and out of place. Hope she's happy doing her thing. Thank God we're not still watching Karith, Rob and Tony all lined up like a jury watching Imus on the Cow set.

Dagen is flat-out wonderful. Smart, funny, and sex-on-a-stick -- Southern expression. I think she adores Imus and fears disappointing him. Their five minutes is sometimes (many times)the best part of the show.

Really though, Imus is the show -- don't you think, CG?

Fake Rob said...


Fake Rob

FakePhyllis said...

CG --


What I meant to say is that Rob's looks are improving with age like a fine wine. His hair swept back like a young Italian stallion, the virile beard -- with age, his face shows complexity, strength... a mellowing...reaching a plateau, reminiscent of a fine, aged, very expensive Merlot.

Kinda like a male Sophia Loren.

Don't you agree, CG?

Harold Ford, jr. said...

Imus is just days away from being the top rated cable show! The most fabulous show on TV!!

Imus Rocks my world!

Real Rob said...

A fine, aged, very expensive Merlot?
Isn't that an Oxymoron?

No. An Oxymoron is pimple cream for stupid people.


The beard adds ten years but takes off about 12 pounds on camera. It's a decent tradeoff. Also, I'm very big now with the '18-35 Nubile, Upwardly Mobile Female With Professor/Daddy Issues'. Which, you know, is a plus.


NAIB Rocks. CG Rocks. Fake Phyllis Rocks.

Real Rob

FakePhyllis said...

Yo yo yo wassup, RealRob!!!

YOU rock the house!

Do you attribute your handsome-ness to Chamonix products? Has Imus been sharing the gift baskets with you?

Hope you and Gangsta Mickey have a great weekend. Peace out.