Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you have a lovely day that's completely devoid of any marital discord.


FakePhyllis said...

CG --

Valentine spotted from Chuck to I-man (or vice-versa) "I wish I knew how to quit you".

Do you think they exchanged cards/ gifts/jewelry?

Happy Valentine's Day to CollegeGirl and the entire I-Nation.

Harold Ford, jr. said...

I-Nation rocks my world!

Mrs. Hannity said...

While the I-Man and Mr. McCord are working on their "marriage"...Mrs. Imus is over there flirting with Hannity...LIVE on FOX, even!

Keyboard Jockey said...

Harold Ford Jr., is the kind of person, who writes in your Valentine's Day Card, that he meant to put money in your card, BUT, he continues writing - Sorry I already licked and sealed the envelope. LOL!

You're Bad To The Bone Junior GRIN.

I Hope You All Had A Happy Valentine's Day.

CG said...

Ooh, Shepard Smith is going to be on tomorrow...that should be fun. I 3> Mr. Smith.

And on the subject of holidays, happy President's Day/Mardi Gras! I personally cannot think of a better photo that so perfectly combines the two:

Barack O. said...

Wow, C-Girl, where'd you find that photo? Is that Al Gore?

Now I know where Gore came up with the phrase, 'Global Warming'...

Anderson Cooper said...

Ever seen Shep Smith cover a car chase on FOX?!

Whoa...Big Fun!

Shep is my hero!

C. Ray said...

Yo, yo, check it out..from yester-year.

Mayor Nagin talks to Imus

Fat Tuesday said...

CG --

Who dat?

"I could bring boaf dem qualities to the white house".

Thanks for the memories, C. Ray.

The Wanderer said...

Charles goes nuts over one more mention by Imus about Whittaker Chambers and Richard Nixon!!

McCord Classic rant from 1997

Mike said...

"I wish I were dead!"

Thanks Wanderer for posting a classic. Still wins the gold for best Imus moment of all time, in my eyes.

Not sometimes, not half time, alllll tiiiiiime.

CG said...

Oh man, what's not to love about Charles? Watching that clip is like watching a car go from 0 to 60 - he goes from sweet mild-mannered newsman to raging lunatic within about half a minute, and it's hilarious. There's a good reason why it's one of the more famous moments of the program. And the crazed laughter in the background makes it even better.

One thing I've noticed that I've always found strange about that clip: If the date on the video is correct, it means that that routine occurred exactly ten years to the day before their debut on RFD/WABC. Eerie coincidence, or my crippling OCD? You be the judge. ;-)

Mike said...

OK, so I officially just found out Mr. Dietl's first name, courtesy of the long-awaited New York Times profile of Gov. Paterson:

“Who cares if he likes to go out and has a couple of drinks; what’s the big deal?” said one friend, the private investigator Richard Dietl, who enjoys a meal with the governor about once a month. “He likes to go out. He likes to see people.”

Mr. Dietl, who is known as Bo, added, “When he goes out, he gets to keep his pulse on the people.”


I'm just upset that they edited out Richard's next line: "He don't make a move wittout me."

The Wanderer said...

Good Morning, Gen. Patton...

General Patton aka Larry Kenny

CG said...

Yay for the General!

Hahaha at "Richard," awww. Plus, you know that the Times edited out a bunch of "pulsatations" and things like that.

I just looked at my calendar and saw that it isn't Valentine's Day anymore...yeaaah, I should update this soon.