Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Replacements

Sooooo....after certain rumors in certain posts about certain sidekicks leaving, I thought I would pose a hypothetical question. If the rumors are true, and there is now an empty seat on the program...then who would you like to fill it? Why would you want them to fill it? Should it even be filled at all?

By the way, this could be anybody. I'm obviously implying famous (or semi-famous) comedians, but you can mention anyone that would add to the program. It could be someone who was last on the program during the Carter administration, yourself, your Uncle Dave who gets drunk at Christmas and tells obscene stories about your dad, etc. Just explain why this person is funny/charming/psychopathic enough to entertain you during your morning routine.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

This Made Me Laugh

 From the “Headlines,” July 24 edition:

"Cambridge, Mass. Bomb squad responds to Central Square post office. Suspicious package emitting a 'humming' noise. Building evacuated as demolition team slowly, gingerly peeled back tape, cardboard. Inside – nose hair trimmer. Battery powered. Addressed to MIT staff member. Whether 'gift'… or 'hint'… not determined."

And, "Amy Winehouse set to become latest celebrity to launch her own perfume. Rehab singer, back in Britain after an extended stay in the Caribbean, is said to be hoping to land a deal worth more than $750,000 to offer a product that will 'reflect her style.' Dear god.. What, 'Essence of Porcelain Bus'..?" 

Did these make you laugh? If so, yay. If not, post something else.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

An Important Date

 Today, July 23, is the birthday of a very, very special person. Most of you first heard about this person after they embarrassed President Clinton in the mid-1990s; but some of you may have spotted their brilliance when they were young and struggling in California, virtually unknown to the rest of the world. Because of some rash acts in their past, many have judged this person unfavorably - and, some may argue, unfairly. But no matter what the detractors say, you simply cannot deny this person's impact on American humor, government, pop culture, and - yes - the national spirit.

With all that said...happy birthday, Monica Lewinsky!

Ms. Lewinsky turns 36 today. There are other celebrity birthdays today, too, but none of any real importance.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

And That Was The Way It Was

Yay, the show returns on Monday!

-Rob Bartlett will appear at the Paramount Theatre in Rutland, VT this Saturday, July 25. TIckets are here and more information is here.

 -RIP Walter Cronkite. I fondly recall his appearance with Imus in the fall of 2006, shortly before Katie Couric started working at CBS. In the midst of their conversation, Imus casually asked for Mr. Cronkite's opinion of her taking his old job. Cronkite looked shocked. "WHAT?" he yelled. "They allow WOMEN on the NEWS?!" Meanwhile Charles, who sat to his right, nearly wet himself laughing. 

No, seriously, he will be missed.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


So if you ran into wrestler Andre the Giant, you'd probably be a little intimidated by him, right? I mean, the dude was seven feet four. How would you react - or, rather, how would he react - if you stood next to him and tried to strike up a conversation?

Well, if you go to the 3:35 mark in this video, you'll see what happens after such an occurrence. And, wouldn't you know, it happened to someone whose work you're very familiar with. The results, as they say, speak for themselves.

Friday, July 3, 2009

A Cautionary Tale

Have you ever wondered what happened to those blacklisted guests from the Imus program, since we never hear from them again? I decided to do some searching, and let me tell you - the results aren't pretty.

Exhibit A: Vice President Joe Biden. At one point he was a regular on the program, but eventually he earned a spot on the Weasel List. Recently, a reporter followed the Vice President around for a day in order to profile his everyday life. The results, as they say, were shocking.

Apparently, in a sad attempt to fill the Imus void in his life, Biden now spends his mornings by washing his aging car in the driveway, listening to the I-Man on the car radio, and softly sobbing to himself, reliving the memories, as he plucks out the Burger King wrappers from under the dashboard.

Gaze upon the photos from this sobering article, and melt with ruth: