Friday, May 22, 2009

You're Wrong and You're Ugly

I don't think that...but others do.


dee said...

Check out Dave Edelstein's review of a Canadian zombie movie "Pontypool" - which features "four main characters trapped in a radio station in rural Ontario, where an egghead incarnation of Don Imus (the acid Stephen McHattie) has been exiled."

Review is in - might be a fun movie :) I love zombie movies.

CG said...

Haha, nice!

I just read the review, and it seems like the Imus character is hiding in the wilderness from gangs of disease-ridden zombies. So, it's a documentary? ;-)

dee said...

Well, I'll find out - it's in my netflix "saved" list and will probably be in the queue within a couple days of release

keyboard.jockey said...

I love the CAPTION for Pontypool...."Shut Up Or Die" Who does that sound like GRIN.