Thursday, May 7, 2009


To donate online, click here.

To view the auction items, click here.

To read more about the charities involved, click here.

(Special Note: I apologize for the Radiothon information being late.  The power in my apartment went out last night, thanks to the staggering influence of 5 raindrops and one thunderclap. Also because my building's electrical system was, apparently, installed by Druids. So, sorry 'bout that. 

In reality, I know that none of you were going to get the donation information directly from this website, and instead were going to head to WABC or; however; I feel like I should call the power company and harangue them for impeding the donation of money to the little sick children.  Or, at the very least, I should keep in the spirit of the “Greening” stuff and complain about how I had to throw out all the healthy food from my fridge; and that the horrible processed slab from the vending machine that I ate for breakfast will most certainly give me mercury poisoning and/or cancer. ;)


keyboard.jockey said...

Does anyone know the totals for the radiothon so far? I heard Sean Hannity say this morning, he was going to keep it going through his time slot on the radio.

Al said...

Late Friday morning,think I heard somewhere around $500,000...

keyboard.jockey said...


I looked on they were up to Friday.

*Our current total is: $802,335.00*

This continues through May 11th including the auction.

CG said...

Thanks for the update! :-)