Monday, March 23, 2009


Which do you prefer -this one or this one?


Al said...

Wow, CG, how'd you score those commercials so fast?

Can't make up my mind which one I like best...of course, Rob is brilliant, as usual

Interesting paper that Imus is reading...

Which paper has more credibility?...'The Onion' or 'The New York Times'?!

Laree said...


I like the one with the BRAND!

dee said...

They're both pretty funny - I think I like the first one best.

Did Tony get censored this morning? As Imus was introducing Tony Clayton Powell, RFD-TV went silent with a "back in a moment" sign. The sound and picture returned just as Imus was saying "that was Tony Clayton Powell". Very odd.

Anonymous said...

Today RFD-TV blacked out Rob doing Limbaugh. An audio-less slide saying"We'll be right back".

As soon as Rob was over, the slide was dropped and the show resumed.

Why is RFD-TV censoring Rob?

Any clues?

dee said...

Wow - there must be a story - both Tony and Rob being censored. CG, get on it! I did hear Rush because I was out running and had a radio. There was no reason to censor him.

Laree said...

Dwight Yoakam I Fav Crank #2

Al said...

Today's show..a least according to the Imus Program Director.

Check out the Program Director's blog at! It's great!

The PD's name is Dr. Laurie , or something

CG said...

Wow, that audio thing is really weird...Maybe they'll explain it on the next program. I can't think of a reason they'd want to censor it, unless they've suddenly become schoolmarms. That's bizarre.

Hahaha, Ms. Cantillo is hilarious. I hope she keeps it up. :-)

Queenpat said...

On behalf of all y'all I wrote the guy...I suggest you do the same.

Dear Patrick,

A few "Imus in the Morning" fans who watch on RFD-TV are noticing, and commenting that RFD TV is "dropping out" where certain segments are broadcast. Like Tony Powell and Rob Bartlett's comedy segments.

On behalf of those fans, I am writing you today.

Now, I realize that some of your TV audience is a bit more "sensitive" to the humor and context that is used by Mr. Powell and Mr. Bartlett. We fans enjoy them and think that all Imus' audience should enjoy them as they are broadcast.

But what RFD celebrates as a fundamental nature of the United States of America, the freedom of speech, is a freedom that someone at RFD-TV is failing to understand.

If you want to put up a "sign" onair that states " Mature content", "IMmature content", or "Hide Your Eyes! Profane Babblings!" , then by all means do so, but if RFD is trying to CENSOR Imus in the Morning, then perhaps the program needs to find a more tolerant network.

Please reconsider this policy. Thank you.


Al said...

MUST READ...Laurie Cantillo's blog!!!
She almost as funny as the I-Man!

Imus ratings up 40% since Ms. Cantillo came aboard?!

Al said...

and with regards to RFD TV...

look for Imus to drop RFD in favor of one of the Fox channels...

Mike said...

Laurie's blog is great. "Held at pencilpoint to be the den mother for the Imus in the Morning Show." Priceless.

A leaving RFD scenario seems unlikely right now. The I-Man seems to have tremendous loyalty to the network for promoting the ranch with that DVD, and he has not openly griped about Patrick or any aspect of RFD. He might be a "jerk" on-air to his guests and crew, but I don't think he'd try to screw over the network (which clearly needs him more than he needs them) just because an opportunity for more viewers could be found elsewhere. Ever since he started simulcasting on MSNBC, he said that it's first and foremost a radio show.

Also, Fox and Friends seems fairly entrenched (yet pretty awful, IMHO) on FNC, and his show wouldn't fit the theme of the business channel.

Al said...

Imus' silence over the RFD censorship of Dice Clay(Rob) and Tony Powell is kind of un-Imus like...


Laree said...


We might hear something after his latest trip to the Doctor. I doubt he is going to be silent about it for long, it is very noticeable.

Thank You Queen Pat, I appreciate you writing Patrick at RFD TV, you captured my sentiments.

There should not be less comedy there should be more...I always felt Tony has been held back, he knows what Imus In The Morning's audiences like. What is the point of a lot of fans DEMANDING RFD TV and HELPING RFD TV pick up Cable Carriage if he is going to censor the show for the people who made it all happen? What about all the people who went to satellite? Patrick needs to understand his viewership expanded.

I don't think Patrick gets that Imus in the Morning Fans are not limited to RFD TV or nothing. I have gone to listening to the show streaming online "Radio Style". I record the program on DVR but that is for DVR ratings for Imus and his ???? really what are we supposed to call them? Imus says, not Crew, not Gang, not Team...what are they? Now there is a Caption Contest waiting to happen:)

Anonymous said...

Hey.. this blog came up on a search I did for Morning Joe... my favorite show.
Just read some of the old posts... Where are all the losers who were laughing when the show's ratings were low?
According to an article I just read, Morning Joe after less than 2 years is DOUBLING the ratings of Imus and beating CNN -- and after 2 months Joe's RADIO show is beating Imus on WABC.
Hello? What??? Silence... yeah-- that's what I thought.

Anonymous said...

One wonders how much better Joe's show would be if he didn't have the distraction of porking Mika.

It's unlistenable.

He's an abysmal human being whose H&R file at MSNBC is rife with sexual harassment complaints.

Flavor of the month. Imus has been an icon for almost 40 years. Morning Joe won't make it to the afternoon.

Mike said...

Dear Morning Joe lover,

I too watch Morning Joe in the morning, but only when Imus is on commercial while I'm getting ready for work. But way to come in here and try to pick a fight.

As someone the rest of us know and love would say, "Butt out, bozo."

Queenpat said...

Just an update. Nothing from Patrick, Jared and Chris, the three RFD-TV email addresses I had, so it must be true that the "censorship" of Imus' RFD program is happening. Shame on them.

Imus has a bit more on his plate to worry about it...yet.

Anyone notice that next week is all BOI? Must be Imus is doing some more looking into or starting treatment.

Joe Scarborough is okay to listen to, his fans however, are a lot like Sternos, they flare up, cause a bright light, then fade away as the fuel gets used.

Queenpat said...

Not f' nothing... (and Laree? I swiped some of your post...thanks!)

Dear RFD TV,

Once again, I am writing on behalf of fans who are wondering why RFD is blocking the comedy segments on "Imus in the Morning" on RFD-TV.

We continue to see that there is no change to the "dropping" of the comedy bits on your broadcast of Imus' program. Did you forget who put RFD-TV on the major cities you have? I don't think it was those who watch "Little Britches Rodeo".

What was the point of a lot of I-fans DEMANDING RFD TV and HELPING RFD TV pick up Cable Carriage if RFD-TV is going to censor the show for the people who made it all happen?

What about all the people who went to satellite? You do realize your viewership expanded for a program that is a little "outside" the general programming RFD TV carries, right?

There should not be less comedy there should be more ! I enjoy "Hee Haw" too, but what if I didn't like the rather buxom young women in rather teeny blouses showing off their "fields"? Are you blocking them too?

Imus in the Morning Fans are not limited to RFD TV or nothing. And if the blocking of the comedy bits continues, then...we'll go elsewhere. Some fans have already started to migrate to on line listening.


Laree said...

Queen Pat,

Thank You, Please use whatever works. Patrick has to be more savy then this about programing. I remember Imus saying early on, RFD TV makes Mayberry RFD look like Porn:)

CG said...

Wow, that was my very first Morning Joe fanboy took them long enough to get over here. I feel honored. ;-) Thanks, guys, for holding up the fort.

I'd love to hear the reasoning behind the censoring...that's very interesting (and odd).

Anonymous said...

I'm behind the times I guess. I've stopped watching because it is not CC. I like to read everything. Also Tony and what's her face do not help. They are not funny. Maybe IMUS won't take them to FOX.