Friday, February 20, 2009

Act Like A Man!

-That's the name of Rob Bartlett's new show, which will be at the Mayo Center For The Performing Arts in Morristown, NJ next Saturday, February 28th. Tickets and directions are here.

-So, what exactly happens when two I-guests are feuding? I suggest that the program take advantage of it. Like, hold a cage match death fight that benefits the Ranch. Or something.

-The Cardinal makes an appearance three weeks in a row? I'm liking this...


Al said...

I'd certainly go see Rob if the show weren't so far away...

and, the more feuds the better! Can't wait to hear Friedman's response.

Also sounds like the I-Man has a nice Mark Chernof-like relationship brewing with the new Program Director! Love it!

Laree said...


The Taibbi -Friedman feud, made me think of MTV's celebrity death match. Oh yeah good times, good times...When am I ever going to grow up? Never, I hear it is really over rated;)

I linked to the Cardinal, This Morning on my Blog. Re Cap Week In Review.

Laree said...

This is one of my favorite lines from The Tom Friedman post by Matt Taibbi.

" paradise get off preaching to the rest of us about the need for a "Green Revolution"? Well, he'll explain it all to you in 438 crisply written pages for just $27.95, $30.95 if you have the misfortune to be Canadian."

if you have the misfortune to be Canadian. NICE SHOT!

Al said...

Charles was in classic Charles freak-out mode this morning ...right off the bat, at 6:07..


Juan Morecow said...

Thank you Charles. Your "shovel ready project" freak-out was priceless.

The wife and I have tickets to see Rob in Morristown next Saturday. This will be our second live Rob event. Can't wait.

Queenpat said...

See you there, Juan. I won tickets for the show last week. With the $$ we saved, we can stay in the local Best Western.

Queenpat said...

correction, my BF and I can stay in the Best Western, not Juan Morecow...added guests while welcome, are not cheap! :)

Juan Morecow said...

Queenpat, congrats on winning the tickets.

And thanks for clarifying the room arrangements before my wife saw this thread. :)


Mike said...

Hah, love the constant Cardinal-ing. The question is: Will he still be making appearances now that His Eminence is retiring, or will Archbishop Dolan be upholding the tradition of the heads of the New York Archdiocese blessing us with a weekly game of Which Doesn't Belong and Why?

Also, anyone think about this? The other day, Paul Begala said something about Rush and Imus told him to leave his boy Rush alone. Wouldn't it be interesting, since Imus repeatedly says that we need Obama to succeed, if he actually slammed Rush on the air for his comments about wanting Obama's policies to fail? Imus did just get over calling him a fat pill-popping whatever, so I'm sure he still harbors at least some ill feelings towards him, and it would make for interesting air like the Howard/Imus wars of old. Plus, not that he cares (or so he says), but going after Rush even though they're on the same team might give the I-Man some good press.

Just a thought.

Al said...

No way Imus goes after Rush. The 2009 version of Imus is a team player who doesn't want ANY press, good or bad...

The I-Man wants to make money and be left alone...

Mike said...

BTW, anyone see Rob's new blog post? When he got to Charles I nearly coughed out my lunch.

Laree said...

Mike, I did see it the haiku

They start like this:

Julie Kanfer:

You want me to do what?

Still working for an old fool.

I guess Imus is sick again.

Can I please go home now?

Fake Cardinal Egan, bejeez. said...

I won tickets to the Rob show :D I can't wait!

CG said...

Congratulations, Lenny! That's awesome! It's great that a lot of people are going...y'all will have to tell us how it goes.

Mike, I wondered the same thing about the new Cardinal when I heard the news last Monday. I think we lucked out that he's still Irish, so Bernie can still use the accent if he wants to keep the character. I hope he does...:)

Queenpat said...


You think the three of the ticketholders/posters here can id each other at Rob's show?

Juan Morecow said...

First, I see no reason why "the Cardinal" wouldn't continue to appear on IITM. I mean, "Cardinal O'Connor" made regular visits to IITM long before "Cardinal Egan." Although when Cardinal O'Connor died there was a respectful period of time before "the Cardinal" made another appearance on Imus.

Second, I have a theory as to why the new cardinal is also Irish.

In his press conference in NY Monday a reporter asked Cardinal Dolan about the string of Irish Cardinals in NY.

Dolan answered that it was "further proof of the Holy Father's infallibility."

But I couldn't help but wonder if, just maybe, the real reason is that the Pope is a closet Imus fan and doesn't want to make Bernie learn a new accent.

Juan Morecow said...

Queenpat said, "You think the three of the ticketholders/posters here can id each other at Rob's show?"

All wearing an agreed upon headgear would allow for spotting each other in a crowd at a distance.

FedEx envelopes anyone? :)

Fake Cardinal Egan, bejeez. said...

Hey Pat,

I'll be the fat boy with the hot fiancee:

Seriously, if you can find me, here's what we look like:

I'll be wearin' me fedex hat too if it's cold. Just kidding.


Juan Morecow said...

Pat & Fake Cardinal Egan, bejeez,

I'll be the old fat boy ... glasses, white hair & beard.

My wife is short, red hair, glasses.

Queenpat said...

"You wear a necktie, so I'll know you"

I'll be the lovely round, bespectacled graying lady with a bespectacled older, thin fellow. We will look befuddled, holding fed ex envelopes.

Jeebus, Larry, you look like former game show host (olav shalom) Peter Tomarken!

Hope to see you guys tonight...

Juan Morecow said...

This is soooo embarassing. My wife and I are photographers and we're the only ones without pix of ourselves on the web.

Looking forward to meeting you all this evening.


Just Juan Morecow (also answers to "Roger")

Fake Cardinal Egan, bejeez. said...

I just blessed Pat and Juan in the lobby of the Morristown theater. Bow down your empty heads you heathen bastards and let's say a wee little prayer before the fat bastard's awesome show.

Juan Morecow said...

Indeed it was an awesome show. 90 minutes of non-stop Rob. Great as always. It's absolutely impossible for this man to do a bad show.

But the meetup in the lobby with Pat and Fake Cardinal Egan before the show was worth the price of admission itself.

Pat and I recalled the early years of Imus on WNBC and Fake Cardinal Egan provided us with words of hope and inspiration along with side-splitting observations of various folks in the lobby. If you could hear him but not see him, you'd swear it was Bernie speaking.

After the show there was a surprise waiting for Rob in the lobby. Tony Powell.

All in all a wonderful evening made all the better by meeting Pat, Fake Cardinal Egan and their significant others. And we pulled it off without the aid of FedEx hats.:)

Queenpat said...

Rob's show was great as usual!( and he's coming to Tarrytown 4/ heard it here first!) Meeting Juan and Fake Cardinal was even better! I am always astounded as to how Imus fans are just really fine people who have a schadenfreude attachment (Lenny should know that..he's a second Generation Imus fan!)

CG said...


I'm so happy that you guys were able to meet and to have a good time, and I'm glad that I was somehow able to provide a way for you all to get together. Lenny sent me the pictures, and all of you seem to be just as handsome in person :-). It sounds like you had a wonderful evening; I wish I could have been there.