Wednesday, January 28, 2009

James Brady, 1928-2009

James Brady, author and frequent Imus guest, died this week at age 80.


Queenpat said...

I met James Brady one time, as I was trying to figure out how to get onboard the Intrepid to see Imus and the gang. This lovely fluff of white hair comes along and inquires if he could help me. " Oh! You're James Brady!.." I said, "..and I am trying to find the entrance to this ship.."

James: What is your name?
me: Pat*****
James: Wonderful to meet you, Pat..."

Had a brief chat, mainly about his books that I had read, then James walked me over to the entrance door of the ship. I thanked him and went in. Brady was a darling, a gentleman. He will be missed.

Laree said...

He was one of the first guest to come back. God Speed James Brady.

Al said...

Brady's last 'article' will be in the Feb 15th edition of Parade magazine, I believe...

Hey, Imus actually took a couple of calls from listeners today!

Sid, Glen Beck and calls from listeners! Imus in the Morning showing some signs of LIFE!

Anonymous said...

I've been without a laptop for over a week and, thus, haven't tuned in. Don't tell me I missed Sid!! I love Sid.

I'll miss James Brady and also John Updike.