Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Other News

-Remember that enormous MSNBC studio is Secaucus, NJ? Did you ever wonder what happened to it after Imus and the network moved out? (I know the answer is "no," but please humor me.) That studio is going to be the operating base for the brand-new MLB Network, which is slated to premiere on January 1. I'm sure they'll enjoy the studios, but I pity the poor sports anchor who's attacked by whatever crawled up Chris Matthews' leg.

-Speaking of NBC and such; you likely know by now that David Gregory has been named the heir to "Meet the Press." Almost everyone agrees that he isn't as good of a journalist as Russert; also, he likes to wear comical wigs. My feeling is that it could have been much, much worse. Did you see the other candidates they were bouncing around? Like Gwen Ifill? Or the aforementioned Chris Matthews?

-Also...isn't there some sort of anniversary tomorrow? Hmmm...


Al said...

I never knew they abandoned that huge studio...what a waste.
they should have never fired Imus!

Ah yes, December 3rd, the anniversary of Imus' return...with the new PC Imus in the Morning Show in tow!

CG said...

I wish he was still on MSNBC, too...then I could watch the program!

Oh, wait...my cable carrier doesn't carry MSNBC, so I couldn't watch him anyway...whoops. :-)

Mike said...


December 3, 2007 was the first time I was ever happy to set my alarm for 5:58am...To be greeted by Curtis Sliwa whining about people coming in and taking jobs ::coughKubycough::

You're right, CG, it could be worse than David Gregory. But it could be better, i.e. the affable Chuck Todd. I think Chucky T. could potentially become a new I-Fave. Get on that, Bernie.

Speaking of new I-Faves, anyone know what's happened to Mr. Leboutillier as of late? I think it's been a few Fridays.

CG said...

Hahaha, I remember Sliwa whining right before they came on! It was hilarious. Maybe I should have been offended, but I really didn't care; I was about to get my show back.

And I like Chuck Todd a lot...