Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmakwanzaakuh

Merry Christmas! From me to you and yours, I hope that this holiday will be your most wonderful time of the year, with those holiday greetings, gay happy meetings, and so forth.

(Speaking of that song, I have to ask: why does the singer tell “scary ghost stories” on Christmas Eve? Exactly what faith tradition does this? Tell Uncle Ted to save “The Hitchhiker Axe Murderer” for another night. This is Christmas.)

Feliz Navidad!

Friday, December 19, 2008

In Absentia

If the eponymous member of an entertainment program takes off for a week, you likely wouldn't expect much from the show he left behind. But from the little I heard of the program this week, I thought the cast did an excellent job. It was entertaining in the right places, and informative in the other, uh, righter places.

I'm one of the fans who actually like the show when Imus leaves. If you get x amount of talented funny people together, they will not magically lose their talent and funniness when the boss leaves the room. This isn't Flowers For Algernon. All in all, they did a great show.

What do you think?

Monday, December 15, 2008

The L Word

For the past week, the news has been filled with coverage of the scandalous behavior of Rod Blagojevich. While this is obviously a very important news item, I feel that the media is missing the most important angle of the story.

Remember when the I-Man landed a coveted spot on that all-important list, the Top 25 Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians? Well, as much as I hate to admit this, I believe he has been bumped off the list by Gov. Blagojevich. Out-lesbianed, if you will.

Although this may be difficult to accept, I am afraid that the pictoral evidence does not lie:

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yes, Virginia, There Is A Christmas Mix

It turns out that I can post the Christmas segments after all. A certain Fake Cardinal Egan was kind enough to send me the files that he had downloaded last year. So don't thank me for this - thank him. :-)

Imus Christmas Mix - Part 1

Imus Christmas Mix - Part 2

Imus Christmas Mix - Part 3

Imus Christmas Mix - Part 4

Imus Christmas Mix - Part 5

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Many Christmas Shows That You Cannot Refuse

Here is the schedule of Rob Bartlett's upcoming Christmas shows. Be sure to go, because if the Godfather hears that you haven't attended, you may wake up with a reindeer head in your bed.

Saturday, December 6, Stamford Performance of the Arts, CT: Tickets are here and directions are here. (And it says "Mature Audiences Only," which means I'll have to skip that one)

Sunday, December 7, The Comedy Shoppe at Parsippany, NJ: Tickets and directions are here.

Saturday, December 13, Gotham Comedy Club, New York, NY: Tickets are here and here: and directions are here.

Sunday, December 14, The Brokerage, Bellmore, NY: Reservations can be made here and directions are here.

Have fun!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December 3, 2007

If you were like me, you got up ridiculously early that morning - much earlier than normal people typically wake up for an entertainment program - and headed towards your television or radio or computer.

I urge you to go back and listen to the first ten minutes of that broadcast. In that short span of time, you had their very first aircheck; you had Charles doing the news for the first time, with all of the fans screaming and drowning him out; you had the Imus making his grand entrance; and you had that awesome introduction thing going on ("From {name of hometown}, {name of castmember}.") As great as it was to hear it, I bet it was ten times better to see it.
(Incidentally, if any of you still have the RFD broadcast from that morning, then we may need to talk.)

One thing I tend to forget is the improbability of the entire comeback; how completely unlikely it was, around April 2007, to imagine them celebrating an anniversary of any kind in December 2008. And yet, there they are.

What do you remember from that morning; and what are your thoughts, a year later?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Other News

-Remember that enormous MSNBC studio is Secaucus, NJ? Did you ever wonder what happened to it after Imus and the network moved out? (I know the answer is "no," but please humor me.) That studio is going to be the operating base for the brand-new MLB Network, which is slated to premiere on January 1. I'm sure they'll enjoy the studios, but I pity the poor sports anchor who's attacked by whatever crawled up Chris Matthews' leg.

-Speaking of NBC and such; you likely know by now that David Gregory has been named the heir to "Meet the Press." Almost everyone agrees that he isn't as good of a journalist as Russert; also, he likes to wear comical wigs. My feeling is that it could have been much, much worse. Did you see the other candidates they were bouncing around? Like Gwen Ifill? Or the aforementioned Chris Matthews?

-Also...isn't there some sort of anniversary tomorrow? Hmmm...