Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Erection Day PSA

Go out and vote. Yes, I know you already had plans to do so; in fact, you may be sporting your "I Voted!" sticker as you read this.

But please do it, because all of you are very bright and informed. And trust me: you are the exceptions.

I know one girl who is voting for McCain because "someone told her" that Obama's a Muslim. Likewise, after the second Presidential debate, I read a local article by a person my age who loves Obama because he "glided around the stage like a supermodel." McCain, she noted disparagingly, "was so stiff and rigid when he walked. I also hated his posture. Why can't he sit up straight? " I know, right? Like, why CAN'T he sit up straight? Or raise his arms above his head? He needs to stop acting like he was tortured, for goshsakes! It's not telegenic!

There is some exciting election news involving the show: Bernard will be covering the election on WABC from 1-5 AM, and may end up announcing the winner. It sounds like it'll be a great program, and I'm happy that he's getting the opportunity to do it. (There's also, dare I say, a very attractive photo of him that comes along with the article.) Unfortunately, I'll be at an election party all night and likely won't hear him, so please post the highlights if you listen. Or post about the election and how you think it will impact the show. Or post if you catch Tom Brokaw drooling. Do not post, however, if you see the chill creeping up Chris Matthews' leg. There are some things that I just don't want to see.

Anyway, I'm excited. I love elections, and today comes only every four years. (Well, two years if you count representatives, but really, who cares.) After tonight, we will finally know if A) we're on the verge of the apocalypse, or B) if we're just merely doomed.

Have a fun night!


Laree said...

Vote Because You Get To.


Queenpat said...


Cut and paste into yer browser...because that picture of Bernie is REALLY good!

Al said...

...or you can go to the previous blog thread...I posted a link to the Bernie article yesterday...

,,,and, "Like, why does he(McCain) act like he hurts all the time?"

Because he probably really does hurt all the time...he's a Senior citizen!

Mike said...

CG, thanks for the PSA. If you were in New York, I'd totally invite you to my party. I have pictures of each on an elephant and donkey racing from Arizona and Illinois to the White House along "Interstate 270" across my living room wall.

And lots of Red Stripe and Blue Moon will be flowing.

CG said...

Thanks for the links, guys! I really appreciate it. I saw it last night, Al, but my computer was being crazy and it wouldn't let me post it. :-( Luckily, things are better now.

What made me so mad about that girl's column: she had decided that she wanted to vote for Obama because he was so "smooth" - and if that wasn't bad enough, she was completely unaware that McCain's war injuries prevent him from "strutting like a supermodel." I thought everyone knew that about him. Then again, if that's the reason you're voting for Obama, you probably don't know a lot about the candidates anyway...

CG said...

Mike, those are some awesome ideas for an election party - you guys will have a ball tonight. I wish I could go!

I baked cookies for my party, but I made them in a special way. (No, not with pot.) They will be shaped like this:


And this:


It's when unhealthy political obsession meets domesticity. I for one could not be more excited about them. ;-)

Queenpat said...

Bernie did a fine job on the mike last night, although a few of the callers were ready to jump off buildings over the "Marxist-Socialist" as one caller said. Enjoyed his touch of upbeat and his "wait until 2010!" attitude.

Queenpat said...

Unfortunately, many young voters go for the look, whether in music, ( why else have music videos?, in movies, in Tv programs. Few,if any looked at the facts or the history of both candidates. Now, I see Obama, the candidate of "Change" is taking on the same tired Democrats to his task force. He is "looking" beyond who to " what can you do for me?". Even if the "look" is really familiar...too familiar.