Tuesday, November 25, 2008

(Insert Witty Post Title With Clever Cultural Reference Here)

Random News and Stuff:

-Gregg "Opie" Hughes, the I-Man's illegitimate son, got married in Philly this weekend. Congrats are in order.

-Here is a nice article from the Daily News about the NewsHour program. The headline, "Wake Up to Don Imus' 'The Imus In The Morning News Hour,'" is sadly lacking in puns and play-on-words, which is pretty much 80% of the reason why I read the Daily News.
Tragically, this article didn't get as many hits as the story about the Queens teacher sleeping with the 17-year-old-male model (Headline: "Teacher and her Pet In Doghouse"); but that's what happens when you get the lesser-talented headline writer at the Daily News.

-If one of your coworkers was publicly fired, and you moved into his old office, could you function in it if it still had all of his decorations and everything? I'm sure there's a great reason behind it, but still, creepy. (The rest of that article, might I add, is very good.)

That's it, I'm outta here for the holidays. Have an excellent Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

News Hours, etc.

The "Imus in the Morning Newshour" is premiering at 5 AM on Monday; you should check it out; it will be awesome.

Speaking of which, today I want to talk about one of my favorite aspects of the program. It's not something that people discuss that often, but I'm hoping that maybe you like it too.

I love the Imus-McCord relationship. I don’t know why, but I do. I love it when the I-Man interrupts Jack Jacobs in the middle of an interview, just to tell him that Charles’ favorite word is “pusillanimous.” I love it when they share random inside jokes from 1978 that are understood by maybe four people on the planet.

I like it when they talk about their hourly phone calls. Sometimes on the air, Imus will tell a seven-minute long story that goes something like this: “Well, last night I called Charles. So we started watching C-SPAN together, and then I said, 'Do you want to watch Fox? Shepard Smith is on.' And then Charles said, ‘OK.’ And then I ate a pretzel.” And that’s the ENTIRE STORY. Yet I love that. It’s hilarious, and it’s kind of endearing.

Smetimes I'll talk to one of my best friends about the program, and one day, after I shared the above, she told me: "You know what? I hope that we have that relationship in 36 years." And so do I - minus the drugs, firings, marrying of siblings, etc.

Surely I'm not the only weird one who loves this...am I?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Remotes and Stuff

This is a great article about the recent remote in Providence, RI.

The station that sponsored the event belongs to the "True Oldies" network, and in accordance with that theme, their website is covered with bright, happy, psychedelic colors. And then you get to their Imus page:

So, OK, the Imus program is not this oldies station's sunshine on a cloudy day. In fact, it isn't even their month of May. A shame, really.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Things That Cannot Be Unseen

A few days ago, there were some rumors going around about Curits Sliwa's show being replaced by Bernard. Maybe it's true, maybe it isn't. Either way, it gives me an excuse to show an old Guardian Angels promotional poster that I found on Facebook (of all places). Let's just say that if they want to recruit the kids today, they may need a little change in graphic design:

It is truly a sight to behold: Sliwa standing on a Latin American Dictator dais, a generic 80s urban graffiti pattern as his backdrop, surrounded by homoerotic male interpretive dancers.

Now, I saw the excellent documentary Escape From New York, so I know that New York was experiencing a tough crime wave during the creation of this poster. But would this poster have ever, at any time, appealed to someone? Even in the 80s? Maybe somewhere, some young person looked at the dancer on the right and went, “That is IT, darn it! I am strapping on my orange cummerbund and heading to the South Bronx RIGHT NOW!”

And what about his chroma-keyed doppelganger on the left? Tom Oliphant called - He wants his S&M gloves back.

As you go about your day today, try to get this image out of your head. Just try.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Life On The Connecticut

The Hartford Courant wrote an article about Larry Kenney and his upcoming show at the Mark Twain House in Hartford, CT. I thought you'd like to see this article, because I know that a lot of you miss Mr. Kenney and appreciate his talent. (So do I.)

It says that he "will do his interpretation of Twain," so it'll be a straight impersonation of the Father of American Literature. In other words, you won't see General Patton pouring shotgun pellets in a frog's mouth in order to keep it from jumping. And you won't see Greg the Gay Fashion Designer scream at Tom Sawyer for painting the fence "an awful shade of beige." Still, though, it sounds fun.

And if you want to know about the Imus scenario, here it is:

Q: How is Don Imus doing?

A: We don't stay in touch except for a Christmas card and an invitation to his fundraiser at his ranch. As far as him losing his show, I think he got a bum rap and it was a terrible situation. I know that to this day he feels horrible about what happened. I was kind of winding down on the show then and was on vacation when it all happened, which was a good thing because I didn't get tied up in it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Erection Day PSA

Go out and vote. Yes, I know you already had plans to do so; in fact, you may be sporting your "I Voted!" sticker as you read this.

But please do it, because all of you are very bright and informed. And trust me: you are the exceptions.

I know one girl who is voting for McCain because "someone told her" that Obama's a Muslim. Likewise, after the second Presidential debate, I read a local article by a person my age who loves Obama because he "glided around the stage like a supermodel." McCain, she noted disparagingly, "was so stiff and rigid when he walked. I also hated his posture. Why can't he sit up straight? " I know, right? Like, why CAN'T he sit up straight? Or raise his arms above his head? He needs to stop acting like he was tortured, for goshsakes! It's not telegenic!

There is some exciting election news involving the show: Bernard will be covering the election on WABC from 1-5 AM, and may end up announcing the winner. It sounds like it'll be a great program, and I'm happy that he's getting the opportunity to do it. (There's also, dare I say, a very attractive photo of him that comes along with the article.) Unfortunately, I'll be at an election party all night and likely won't hear him, so please post the highlights if you listen. Or post about the election and how you think it will impact the show. Or post if you catch Tom Brokaw drooling. Do not post, however, if you see the chill creeping up Chris Matthews' leg. There are some things that I just don't want to see.

Anyway, I'm excited. I love elections, and today comes only every four years. (Well, two years if you count representatives, but really, who cares.) After tonight, we will finally know if A) we're on the verge of the apocalypse, or B) if we're just merely doomed.

Have a fun night!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

An Offer You Can't Refuse

That's the name of Rob Bartlett's new show, which will be this Saturday, November 8th, at The Music Hall in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Tickets are Enter away messagEnter away messagehere, and more information about the venue is Enter away messagehere. The website doesn't list any directions, so if you don't know how to drive to New Hampshire, then YOU CAN ACT LIKE A MAN and go to Mapquest.

Have fun!