Friday, October 17, 2008

A Distinguished Guest

Last night, Senators McCain and Obama participated in the traditional Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner. Their speeches were very humorous and were warmly accepted by the crowd. However, I was distracted by a very important guest at the event. Did you see who was sitting between them?

That would be His Eminence Edward Cardinal Egan, Archbishop of New York. I think that as Imus fans, we can agree that he is definitely important enough to sit next to the future President. Note that he has replaced his FedEx mitre, sunglasses, and nice striped shirt with more appropriate vestments.

Both Senators were very funny last night; but we all know that if the Cardinal had spoken, he would have blown them both away.


Al said...

Whenever I hear or see or read the name "Cardinal", as in Cardinal Egan, I IMMEDIATELY think of Bernard...

Memo to Imus in the Morning:
Bring back the Cardinal!...Bring back the Cardinal!

CG said...

Al- I thought I was the only one! :-)

Anonymous said...

"Which doesn't belong and why?" Do you ever think we'll hear that again? Or Mayor Nagin? Nope. While I agree that the Imus show has lost some of its edge, it did occasionally cross the line. And there has to be a line. Unfortunately, we don't get to participate on where to draw it.


dee said...

I really miss the Cardinal, but I would rather have no Cardinal Egan than a politically correct one.

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