Tuesday, August 12, 2008

News, Minimalist Style

-The ranch record will be coming out next month ...and there's also a track list.

-Somehow, Imus in the Morning is mentioned in this this AP article about Hee-Haw reruns returning to TV. One would think that with the Olympics, the energy crisis, the election, the conventions, the ethnic cleansing in Georgia, and the deaths of Nobel laureates and comedians and singers...the AP would be too busy to dedicate an article to Hee-Haw reruns coming back to TV. But for all I know, Hee-Haw could've been this totally bodacious show, and I'm just not aware of it.

-Two new bodacious affiliates:

KJLL 1330-AM The Jolt - Tuscon, Arizona

690 WSPZ The Sports Animal - Birmingham, Alabama


Al said...

You've never seen Hee-Haw? omg...

lol...brace yourself and catch a glimpse of it!

CG said...

Hahaha, I DID see it a very long time ago, believe it or not...I was about 5 years old and I was at my grandma's house. From what I remember, it was a bunch of happy people standing in a cornfield and singing. It looked fun.

Anonymous said...

Hey, CG,

It's me, Esme, that you convinced to go to the Rob show at Mohegan on Sat. night. I'm a college English teacher, and I've always wanted to tell you that I wish I had a student like you. Anyway, because I really don't know what I'm doing regarding this blogging thing, I don't always sign my name. But I'm always reading your blog.

Al said...

Hee-Haw had a happy group, that's for sure...ha!
Maybe I should read the AP article, but why did AP connect Imus and Hee-Haw?
Is Imus in the Morning on RFD the NEW Hee-Haw?

Queenpat said...

No. "Hee-Haw" was funny. I remember it from my kids days...that show took off in the wilds of Brooklyn like a hayfield afire. I loved KORN news with the lovely Don Harron. McCord should have such a mike on a bale of hay.

Don is Canadian, as was much of the cast. The car lot ads, featuring a phone number...BR-549. The blue tick hound Beauregard ( there were five of them...all named Beauregard, i, ii, iii, iV and V)

It was crazy, clean, slightly risque humor...and the acts! Musicians like Glen Campbell, Gran'pa Jones, Buck Owens...you couldn't line up that way now.

The show, oddly enough, was shot in strips...like all "Pickin and Grinnin", all Don's news show, all Lulu's Beauty Parlor, they edited in between the acts and the aniumations...it was something of an editing wonder back then.

(and I didn't look here until just now)

" Where o where are you tonight...
Why did you leave me here all alone?
I searched the world over, thought I found true love,but you met another and PFFT! you were gone!"

Can't wait.

Al said...

Don't forget Junior Samples! Hee-Haw was, in the words of Imus, 'Laugh-out-loud funny'

Imus now has more affiliates than he did when he got fired? Wow...

CG said...

Esme, thank you so much. :)

Hee Haw - it looks like it will be popular, since a bunch of people (here and elsewhere) are really excited about it. I've seen multiple articles written about RFD's new show.

That really surprised me about the affiliates. Weren't they at 61 or so at WFAN?

laree said...

CG, And this is August, they have been back 9 months, not even a full year,that is a milestone for affiliates.

It seems like Citadel is better at radio then CBS. CBS just sold off 50 of their radio stations, I was reading about it on Chickaboomer.