Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Imus Na Parte Da Manhã

I found a fascinating tidbit on RFD's website. They claim to have "cable systems in all 50 states, serving over 31 million U.S. homes, with another 19 million homes in Brazil."

Think about that. There are 19 million households in Brazil who could be watching Imus in the Morning. Consider the implications.

Let's pretend that you are a Brazilian who doesn't know much about America. One night you fall asleep while watching your favorite program, Little Britches Rodeo. "Dear me, what a calm, soothing television station! This is truly a gem!", you think to yourself (in Portuguese).

Then, around 6 in the morning, you awake with a start. Gone are the polka shows and cattle auctions. They've been replaced by men in bizarre, nightmarish costumes who scream and rant at each other, while homeless vagrants watch them through a window.You can't understand a word of it, of course, because you don't speak English. To top things off, you start to see people that you've vaguely heard about in international news, like "Sen. John McCain" or "Sen. John Kerry."

If you were said Brazilian, and you saw this, would you think that America A) was full of crazy people; or B) was the greatest country in the whole world?


Al said...

Well, Brazilians, being the hip people that they are(based on their impressive energy independence), they probably would think that Imus and crew, etc. are the coolest people in the ENTIRE United States of America!
and they would probably wonder why there aren't more people like Imus, crew, etc. out there...

laree said...


Hootie and the Blowfish are going Country. Rearview Mirror, I didn't see this one coming.

CG said...

Yeah, the Brazilians are doing great right now. Not only do they have a great energy policy, but their economy is growing and growing. Plus, I hear they have a beautiful country.

Though, I would love to see what the average Brazilian would think of "Bo Dietl" ;-)

Al said...

ah, they love Bo in Brazil...I would bet.

Bo Dietl's book, 'On Tough Cop' was made into a movie which was directed by a Brazilian!

How 'bout that!!

Queenpat said...

I can't see Rob getting a Brazilain Wax...can you?

CG said...

Wow, I checked IMDB and the director really is from Brazil...I did not know that. Good detective work.