Saturday, August 2, 2008

BMc vs. Luda in da Hizzouze

So Bernard challenged Ludacris to a fight. Awesome. For those unfamiliar, Ludacris is a rapper whose songs have inspired the greatest map of all time.

I just wish Bernie had challenged him before that damned "Yeah!" song with Lil John came out, the one that played 366000 times at every club and on every radio station in 2004. Even today.

Hip-hop artists often write epic songs about their rivalries, and in this conflict I expect nothing less from Mr. Ludacris. Nothing is more gangsta than cruisin' down to WABC studios, sippin' gin and Bigelow Tea, shoutouts to RFD, rap battles over Arbitron versus PPM, Curtis Sliwa disses, etc.


Al said...

I hope you remember us when you become a bigtime Journalist, CG...

Bernard and Laura Ingraham are gonna whip Lud's behind, in the WABC Studios!?


dee said...

It's been fun listening to Bernard this week - I've missed some shows lately so just caught the excellent interview with Jim Carlin

CG, what would you give to have the text of that e-mail George Carlin sent Imus about a certain "A.S." after the NHH fiasco?! Too bad it "will never see the light of day".

Godfather replays have been great too...

That "ludicrous" map is too much - as always, how do you find this stuff? What a bozo! Did he think that song would help his guy? I guess he now sleeps with the reverend :)

Bruce said...

As always you are on the mark. Ludacris is truly ludacrous. He didn't help his buddy Mr. Hussein Obama at all.

Sometimes it's the company you keep that take you down. And in this case this will not help the "Messiah"

Good Job as usual.

Vicki said...


I agree about Bernie this week .... good times, good times. :) As far as the mysterious "A.S.", we can only guess.

I wouldn't be surprised if Ludacris is soon to be a guest on IITM. Why ? Looks like he's trying to be the "greenest" rapper in da house - and dierdre just loves her some green, right ?

"Battleground: Earth" on TLC, Thursdays at 8 PM

Let the games begin: Tommy Lee and Chris "Ludacris" Bridges accept the challenge to help save the Earth from destruction. They're 3,000 miles apart, but they have something in common: They are both about to embark on the adventure of their lives, touring across the country competing to see who can do it the greenest.

As a very wise man likes to say, "you can't make this stuff up".

laree said...


HiCaliber Rappin For McCain you can hear and Download it here.

Al said...

It would be totally cool if Bernard could get another Sean Hannity interview this week, so we could hear another appearance by Cardinal Egan...

Bernard is almost as good with Hannity as he is with Imus!

CG said...

I discovered the Ludacris map a couple of months ago - a friend of mine sent it to me. I thought it was hysterical. When I heard about this recent situation, a light bulb went off in my head: "Wait a minute! I should write something and use the Ludacris 'Hos in Different Area Codes' map!" I love it when something like that comes back to you.

My favorite line: “Ludacris has hoes in the Midway and Wake Islands. Only scientists are allowed to inhabit the Midway Islands, and only military personnel may inhabit the Wake Islands. Draw your own conclusion.”

laree said...


Check out track 2 of HiCaliber's "Mr Conservative" he mixed Bernie into the Rap from last weeks show, and then does a shout out to Imus and Bernie at the end.