Monday, July 21, 2008

The Secret Lives of Farmers

The Imus show is back from vacation! And they have a new affiliate in Richmond!

Also, I somehow missed this excellent article about RFD-TV and their expansion. It's all very interesting, but the best part is when an "agriculture media executive" criticizes Mr. Gottsch. He claims that all of RFD's program has "trended towards the cheap and cheerful," and then delivers the ultimate bitchslap: "Patrick's seen as a dilettante in the industry." A dilettante? Oh no he DIDN'T!

So here's what these quotes apparently mean: in the Agriculture Media World, RFD-TV is apparently considered a "sellout to the Man" and "a corporation spoonfeeding the masses." This raises several important questions:

-Is there a vast, agricultural media that we know nothing about?

-If so, does this mean that RFD is like the Parade magazine of the media, but with slightly less tackier ads?

-Who is the New York Times of the agricultural media? Do they have a bunch of Maureen Dowds and Tom Friedmans, who parody Department of Agriculture figures and write about how "the plain is flat?" Is there a Frank Rich who writes savage reviews of the crops at the county fair?

-Is there a cult of personality among famous agriculture journalists? Was there ever a lunatic who beat up a Dan Rather doppelganger while yelling, "What's the crop rotation, Kenneth?" (Which would later be a song by Rascal Flatts.) Does everyone remember when a Walter Cronkite figure reported on massive crop failures, and subsequently started crying on-camera?

It's also unsettling that Mr. Gottsch is being accused of belonging to the famous Dilettante Society of Cambridge. When someone belongs to a society that intends to "correct and purify" the cultural preferences of the nation, you get worried when that someone happens to program I Love Toy Trains.


Al said...

You know what, CG? This is your best blog post yet! Hope Bartlett reads this one!..

Some definitely intriguing questions to ponder!!

and, how 'bout the I-Man today...he came VERY close to dropping the BIG hammer on CBS!

channelXRFR said...

"dilettante" is a big word. So I reached for the dictionary.

1. a person who takes up an art, activity, or subject merely for amusement, esp. in a desultory or superficial way; dabbler.
2. a lover of an art or science, esp. of a fine art.

Is Patrick a dabbler or a lover?

Al said...

Patrick loves to dabble..

laree said...

What's the crop rotation Kenneth LOL good one!

Queenpat said...

VG blog CG! What is even funnier is that the story comes from a company,started on a whim by a washed up sailor, bought by a corporation, who merged with another corporation that was once a movie studio started by three Jewish brothers who started by showing movies projected on a sheet in bars.

NOW, who are we calling a dilettante?

LAREE said...


CG said...

Laree - Very interesting site name.

Thanks, everyone. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who wasn't aware of this alternate agricultural universe. Who ever would have thought?