Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jesse Jackson Hates My Favorite Shows

We’ve all heard about Jesse Jackson and his recent faux pas. Since I didn't know a great deal about the man, I randomly decided to look him up on Wikipedia. I'm glad I did, because I found out some very, very disturbing news. It turns out Jesse Jackson has claimed that one of my favorite shows is racist.

No, not Imus in the Morning. Why would you ever think that? I’m talking about a show that I used to watch as a small child and haven't seen in almost 15 years: the Power Rangers.

The Power Rangers, if my memory serves me correctly, was widely known as "the greatest show of all time, or at least the summer of 1994." There was a lot of hubbub in the media about how boys shouldn't watch the show because it was too violent. But I was a girl, and everyone knows that girls aren't affected by TV violence, so I could watch as much as I wanted.

Each episode had the same basic story:

A) There was a group of evil people and aliens who orbited around the moon. These people wanted to conquer the planet Earth. They didn't want to stay in space and keep living in their moon kingdom, like God intended.

B) Then the Power Rangers would step in and karate-chop them back to space, where they would remain forever, or at least until 8:30 on the next weekday morning.

C) And there was much rejoicing.

Now I know some of you are scratching your heads and wondering, “How could any of this be racist? Surely the universal theme of beating up aliens would unite everybody.” Here’s how it went down:

Each Power Ranger was a different color - the Red Ranger, the Blue Ranger, etc. Sometimes in the heat of battle, the Rangers would yell out battle cries like “Blue Power!” or “Green is rockin’!” or what have you. It was one of those outbursts that prompted Mr. Jackson to complain. See, there happened to be a "White Ranger" in the cast. And apparently during one reckless moment in 1995, the White Ranger took pride in his color and yelled out in the heat of battle, "White Power!"

Well. You can imagine what happened next. The Right Rev. sent a complaint letter to the network, concerned that the Power Rangers were being influenced by the Klan. Wikipedia claims that Jackson "later retracted his statement," probably realizing that hey, when you're giving roundhouse kicks to an evil outer-space lizard set on conquering Earth, you're likely to yell out things you'll later regret.

Meanwhile, I don't know what will happen if Jesse goes after my other favorite shows. He had better not mess with South Park or House Hunters.


Dee said...

Great post - I'm still laughing.

I think Jesse and Al may finally be obsolete - that's why Jesse is so PO'd. And kudos to BO for moving us in that direction.

I have no clue how I'm going to vote, but I have a suggestion for how Barack can further his cause with many voters - appear on the Imus show!

Hey Barack, don't worry, there have already been plenty of black historians, journalists, comedians, preachers, etc on the show since December. It won't make you radioactive.

My 2 cents

Queenpat said...

Jeese...I suppose Jesse didn't know that "PR", like anything Japanese, was dubbed?


Mike said...

Go go, Power Rangers! You Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers!

Remember when the putties were updated and had that new belt buckle thing that would cause them to explode when one of the Rangers hit it? My young, anal-retentive heart was so thrilled that putties could be destroyed more efficiently. In my basement, I still have the Green Ranger Mini-Series on VHS. But no, I have not watched them since circa 1994.

Speaking of VHS, I'm sorry CG for neglecting to approve the comment you left on my Brokaw post! Totally slipped past my radar until now; I'm not even sure why I have my blog set up to hold comments until they are approved. I have the Best of Dana Carvey on cassette as well, and as a matter of fact just retrieved it a few weeks ago from, of all people, a nun from my Church to whom I forgot I lent the tape in eighth grade. Yes, I was friendly with a nun back in the day. Don't worry, I don't have to show you on the Bob Schieffer doll where the bad woman touched me.

Bruce said...

College Girl,

It seems that anything with the word White in it is considered racist in this day and age.

You could also consider the old Westerns where the good guys wore White Hats and the Bad ones wore Black.

As far as Barack is concerned. Much debate going on if he truly is American. Bo Dietl is investigating this in Hawaii and is having difficulty finding any official record.

Another great Imus Blog CG. Keep up the good work.

CG said...

Oh man, the Green Ranger! Remember the drama that ensuedwhen he got kicked out, because he broke some sort of rule, but he returned again as the White Ranger? (Not to be confused with the band who did "Sister Christian.") I also remember the putties, too. That was such a great show.

As for the Right Rev., I think that when a claim is so ridiculous that even Jesse Jackson backs off of it, then it's safe to say that it's untrue. Seriously, did he do his research on the show at all? I just hope that the recent media storm proves that he's inching toward irrelevancy.

Al said...

Interesting Editorial from today's Albuquerque Journal...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

U.S. Double Standard in Black and White

Imagine if a white person was rude, crude and lewd enough to make a sexually charged comment in the mainstream media about a person of color. Oh wait, shock jock Don Imus did.

And he was excoriated. For weeks. He apologized. Several times. With the Rev. Al Sharpton leading the charge, people still called for his firing and a boycott of his show and the products that sponsored it. The Journal joined the call for his firing. And he was.

Then the Rev. Jesse Jackson is caught on a live mic muttering before going on Fox News that because Sen. Barack Obama has been "talking down to black people" Jackson wants "to cut his (testicles) off." And he takes a little media heat and apologizes.

No calls by the Rev. Sharpton for a boycott of his appearances. No demand that he stop showing up on the public airwaves.

If there was ever a question about whether there's a double standard of who can talk smack about someone and get away with it, Jackson's ugly aside proves it. What would have been the reaction if Imus had called for Obama to be castrated?

Obama's campaign has shown Americans are ready for a black president. They should also be ready to demand an end to this double standard.

laree said...


This is what we have been saying for months. Double Standards, there are two Americas? I don't think so, try going into a court of law and trying that argument about why Imus had to be fired. Oh that's right CBS settled with Imus for $$$$.

CG Do you know where Jesse Jackson stands on tele tubbies? I have always had this queasy feeling about tele tubbies Grin.

CG said...

AL, that is a great article. It's good to see other people around the country finally notice the things that we do.

Laree, while I don't think that Mr. Jackson is anti-Teletubby, the late Rev. Falwell thought that one of them was gay:

laree said...


It's always the purple ones LOL!