Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Day Is Mine

This week, a very famous media personality turned 68. This man is the host of a long-running, influential program which has gained fame throughout America and has developed a following of millions. While his program is scorned by many for its "elite subject matter," as well as the host's sometimes-abrasive personality, it's obviously a classic. Many fans dream of appearing on this man's show, and a scant few have made it - and unfortunately, most of those lucky few have been humiliated in front of millions. In short, it's one of the best shows out there, and the host should be respected for the institution that he's built.

Of course, I could only be speaking of one man:

Alex Trebek.

Mr. Trebek turned 68 this Tuesday, July 22nd. There were a few other celebrity birthdays this week, but none of any importance.


Al said...

68 used to be considered O-L-D.

Mr. Trebek totally resembles Charles McCord...are they related? Or is McCord moonlighting as a game show host?

CG said...

hahaha, nice!

I think the resemblance is particularly strong here:


Dee said...

CG, that old photo of Trebek is hilarious! I've watched Jeopardy for as long as I can remember (which is a very long time) - I'm a huge fan.

BTW, your previous blog was brilliant. Thanks for all the fun stuff to read.

Queenpat said...

Trebek is actually a nice guy, much like Charles McCord. They taped J! just down the hall from where I enjoyed a brief stint on GSN...but behind the scenes.

He's not as wrinkled as Imus, too.

Mike said...

Haha, excellent. Bernie should look into booking Mr. Trebek, just because he would be the most random guest ever.

Al said...

Just another reason why the Imus people should be reading this blog
She Left Me for Jesus

Imus wouldn't have had to wait 2 months before discovering his new favorite song!

CG said...

Al, that is awesome! I remembered listening to it after you mentioned that song here, but who knew it would become a hit on the show two months later. You're the trendsetter!

As for Trebek, I love Jeopardy too! I usually watch it during the summers when I have more time. It's a great show. Did anyone catch it this week, when they had the guy from Buffalo who was on five times in a row? I loved him - I usually don't root for specific people, but he was very witty and down-to-earth.

Best Trebek video ever: (Caution, bad language).

Al said...

Trebek used bad language?!

and regarding the 'She Left Me for Jesus" song... don't know about being a trendsetter...I just tune into XM Satellite Radio. All the good(and not so good) music is over there.