Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Commercial Appeal

1) If you happen to be watching TV this week, pay close attention if you see a Staples ad. It features a gas station attendant who looks very, very similar to Rob Bartlett...perhaps because he IS Rob Bartlett. (Isn't it creepy how those things work out?) Anyway, it's on a bunch of stations, so be sure to keep an eye out for it.

2) Speaking of commercials: During the Warner/ESPN controversy of last week, I kept asking myself if I'd seen the Mike and Mike cast somewhere. Oh, I've never listened to their show, but I knew I'd seen one of them on television. Then I remembered that Golic used to co-star in this opt-repeated commercial that MSNBC would air during Imus.

The commercial was for a diet pill (Nutrisystem? Maybe?), and it featured a zillion ex-athletes. The gist was that 15 of these guys had gotten together and made a weight-loss pact. (A question: Do guys actually do this? It sounded very Oprah to me.)

Anyway, the commercial was very "informative," by which I mean "it was forty-five minutes long." They'd all get up there, and they'd drone on and on, and time would tick by...and nothing would actually happen. It was The Brothers Karamazov of celebrity diet commercials.

Anyway, the best part by far was towards the end, when everyone was bragging about the results. The point was to make the audience chuckle. "Thanks to this pill, I fit into my old uniform!" Or, "Thanks to this pill, I won't be embarrassed to go to my Super Bowl reunion!" Then one guy got up there and proudly declared, "Thanks to this pill, my wife no longer thinks that I look disgusting!" The joke being, "Ha ha! His marriage is in shambles!"


Al said...

Rob rocks!

...hey, CG. ALL jocks(athletes and ESPN announcers) are gay...didn't you know that?


laree said...


45 minutes of your life you can't get back.

That comericial for Golic is still airing, he is a fathead tough.

Bruce said...

The Mike and Mike show may have an audience. But they are low man on the telephone pole.

Without Warner they will be even lower. I have the exchange on You Tube, but will not dare post it here unless you say it's OK.

Keep it up CG. Great to see your blogs.

CG said...

The saddest thing is that the commercial lasted for 45 minutes, yet I still have no idea what the name of the product was.

Really, Al? Wow...;-)

Queenpat said...

Nutrisystem...the guy lost weight eating food that looks like something even a stray cat wouln't touch.

Queenpat said...

TY for the heads up on Rob's Staples ad. If Rob reads this, he should have a page of his best spots up on YouTube or his website.

There is a link of it here:

Queenpat said...

TY for the heads up on Rob's Staples ad. If Rob reads this, he should have a page of his best spots up on YouTube or his website.

There is a link of it here:

Queenpat said...

HOLD it!!! My friend KC Connors works for ESPN and he is NOT gay!

In fact, last I heard he was still available. :)

Happy? Yep. Gay? Nope.

Al said...

Talk about 'Commercial Appeal'...

Sean Hannity referred to Bernard as Cardinal Egan at least 4 times during Bernard's interview with Hannity...

Well, a little bit of Cardinal Egan is better than NO Cardinal Egan, I guess...

Mike said...

That gas station attendant sounds a bit (sorta) like Don Corleone! Unfortunately, it seems like they cut out the last few seconds of the conversation:

Woman: Can I put some back?

CG said...

Haha, nice, Mike! You made me LOL.

Thanks for the link, QueenPat! That commercial is pretty awesome.

Let's hope that the Cardinal will return after Mr. Hannity's appearance...after all, SURELY the Cardinal wouldn't turn down Hannity....;-)