Saturday, June 14, 2008

Russert, Continued

The obituary headlines are the most heartbreaking things in the world. Things like "The Smile that Lit Up the Room" and "Dies From a Big Heart." And we've heard the stories, over and over again, about his father, who was just put in a nursing home; and his son, who just graduated from college.

On a slightly macabre note: Yesterday, upon word of Russert's death, the entire New England/Mid-Atlantic population googled "Imus russert" or "Imus Tim Russert" or something to that effect. I know this because all of them ended up here, according to my site meter. This struck me as odd, because with the exception of Mike Francesa, I don't remember hearing Imus' name during the coverage yesterday. (Though, granted, I only watched about an hour of the remembrances and retrospectives.) Apparently, many people associate the two names together, and I'll admit that this surprises me a little. Everybody and his cousin will be tuning in to the Imus program on Monday, so I hope that they're super-prepared.

In the meantime, it's so weird to watch all of the Russert memorials on the news channels. When someone famous unexpectedly dies, I often forget that they've passed away when I watch all of the special programming dedicated to them. It's like, "Oh, look, here's a nice story about Tim and Big Russ walking around Buffalo. How great of the station to show this." It takes a long time to realize that they're actually gone.


Mike said...

Amen on it not sinking in yet. I think it will be a gradual process over the next few months. Watching election night coverage is gonna be ROUGH for a lot of people.

We all know how when the I-Man gets on a subject, he never gets off it (See: Chambers, Whitaker). In this case though, it'll be for the best. I look forward to a lot of the reflections, and I hope Imus reveals how he and Russert made up. It'll be a very interesting week or, more likely, weeks.

CG said...

As do I, Mike. I can't wait to hear his stories. And a lot of people (myself included) really want to know what happened behind the scenes at NBC, and I wonder if he'll bring that up. (And you make me want to watch the Whittaker Chambers clip again. :-)

On another, more depressing/infuriating note: did anyone watch the Meet the Press Russert tribute this monring? I ask because apparently, Gwen Ifill used it to bring up the Imus situation from last year. She said something about how she "challenged Russert for not speaking up for injustice" and how proud everyone was of her to put him on the hot seat... And she said this during Russert's MEMORIAL TRIBUTE SHOW.

I was going to watch the MTP tribute later tonight, but now I think I'm going to skip it if I have to endure that. Whether you're an Imus fan or not, that is a STUNNING lack of class.

Al said...

It was hard enough watching the NBC Nightly News Friday...then I tuned into Meet the Press for about 3 seconds today...

God Bless Russert, but I can't take watching and listening to ANYBODY from NBC...those people are sickening.

I hope Imus doesn't have anyone from NBC on his show...

laree said...

Yeah the Peacock is molting, it isn't attractive to watch. They have gone through so much, when is someone going to point out the obvious, they need new and better Leadership? Tim Russert was one of their linch pins. Imus was another.

Queenpat said...

When It comes to Ifill, it's all about her and she ain't all that and a side of fries.

She has a NPR website. I mentioned on that website that Imus has forgiven Russert, Russert has forgiven Imus...what the heck is YOUR deal?

I suggest others may want to "mention" similar thoughts to her.

Phyllis said...


After watching Ifill interject herself into a lovely tribute to Russert, I was so mad I could spit!!! She just had to go there.

It was somewhat balanced out by Carville, Matlin, and especially Barnicle speaking to the incredible loyalty Russert had to his friends. Thanks, Barnicle.

After the program, I emailed Ms. Ifill to express my dismay with her lack of professionalism inserting her "issues" into Russert's Tribute. I copied the email to several sites, including NBC where I expressed my displeasure. I also asked that they not consider someone capable of such poor judgement and thoughtlessness as a replacement for Russert. She apparently has her minions out in full force lobbying for her.

CollegeGirl, you should watch the Tribute program, if only for the moment when Barnicle had the I-Man's back, bigtime. NBC News is a big ole mess --

Take care, CollegeGirl.

CG said...

You guys are awesome.

I wonder if Ifill's comment may have hurt her chances for getting the MTP slot. Barnicle and co. seemed to go "WTF" when they heard her tell that story. That was crazy. And good for you guys for sending those emails - hopefully they will make a difference.

I personally think that David Gregory will get the slot...but that's just my opinion. He would be 100x more palatable than Ifill, even if he is a "weasel." :-)

Queenpat said...


Consider Chuck Todd. Savvy,smart and gets down to the point in the interview, much as Russsert did. But, I'm sure NBC News, in their infinate dumbness, will choose Gregory.

laree said...


Tim Russert's Rainbows