Monday, June 9, 2008

An Administrative Note

I usually don’t talk about myself, mainly because you guys are here to read about Imus, not me. But I wanted to mention that I'm changing my name.

Yes, I have graduated from college, and yes, it was incredible. But I'm no longer an undergrad, and so my name might be a little misleading. What to do?

When I created this blog, I could have chosen any alias in the world. But I chose "College Girl" because I was annoyed with the way certain people were hyping the "OH NO OH NO THEY MADE FUN OF WOMEN AND WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE" viewpoint. (According to these people, you are not allowed to hurt a woman unless you're Nicolas Cage in a bear suit). They claimed that every young woman in America had thrown away her dreams and ambitions after hearing the remarks of Messrs. Imus and McGuirk, and I wanted to show that this was not the case. It’s true that the “black” aspect of this was emphasized much more than the “young woman” aspect, but still.

And another thing that is slightly off-topic, yet important: Thank YOU, dear readers, for being intelligent and civil and awesome in general. You've made me laugh and made me think, and I can't thank you enough for that. Conversely, thank you for not starting feuds with each other and not posting psychotic delusions and death threats. Whenever I’ve had to go out of town or to take a few days off from the blog, I’ve never had to worry about coming back to find the place trashed. I’ve also never had to delete a comment that wasn’t blog spam, and I hope that it stays that way. It's pretty neat, in my view, that a bunch of people with differing ages, political views, and geographic locations can discuss a fairly controversial subject without killing each other. In sum: Stay classy.

As for my “new name,” just call me by my initials - CG. They’re a cute set of initials (if initials can be called “cute,”) and I like them. (And it could also stand for “college grad,” which I totally did not realize - thanks, Dee).

But enough about me. So how about that T1 Service at the ranch?


CG said...

Also: please tell me I'm not the only one who finds that Nicolas Cage video hysterical.


Al said...

Imus should give us some FREE stuff, since we are all such well-behaved, awesome supporters of him and his show!

...The T1 line problem made for some pretty entertaining moments...Imus freaks out better than ANYBODY!

..and, if I could get the Cage video on this particular computer, I'm sure I too would find it hysterical!

Dee said...

OMG Nic Cage has made some dreadful movies but that one has to take first prize - or maybe second prize, after 8MM.

Thanks for the link CG - hilarious!

PTBartman said...

Congratulations CG

Welcome to the real world. If any future employer wonders if you have hat it takes, just point them in the direction of this Blog. So What was your major/minor and What are your plans?

PS if your ever in or around Milford NJ let me know Your cordially invited to dinner at 'Chez Bartman'.


Bruce said...

I too congratulate you for graduating. Now what are you going to do? Just hope you keep posting about Imus.

Thank you CG.

channelXRFR said...

There is nothing wrong with this country that College Girl can't fix...

Hey CG, This Buds for U.
No kidding we are all proud of you. Congratulations.

laree said...

Congratulations CG

I will be raising a toast to you tonight in fact I am going to go do that right now, all this talk about this Buds for you, made me thirsty, I am going to go have something wet!

Al said...

and on a side note...

Lou sure seems like he's totally having fun doing the new Imus in the Morning Show...

Fake Cardinal Egan, bejeez. said...

You know what sucks? Everytime Imus says "Good morning Mr. Powell", I think he's talking to me, and then I get sad when I realize he's not. :\

Hey CG, would you send me that website you sent me a few weeks ago again? I lost the link and the email. :(

I thought Monday's show over the phone was awful. It was like the hospital room all over again... now where's the clips of that? :D

CG said...

Thank you, guys, for taking the time to congratulate me. You're all very sweet. :-) This Bud's for you, too!