Friday, April 25, 2008

Talking Up Imus exciting.


Al said...

Basically tied for 2nd!!

Not too bad, I would say...

this 8 word comment about Imus was brought to you by PC Richards...

Queenpat said...

Sfx:(whistle PC richard sting)

CollegeGirl said...

Ha! I was just about to post the whistle sting!

(And tied for second? WOW...)

Queenpat said...

Great lips whistle alike CG! ;)

Mike said...

In the words of Pat O'Brien: The success of Don Imus ROLLS ON.

I was listening to Thursday's show (I'm perpetually two or three days behind) while running, and I had to stop to gasp for air, TWICE:
1) Begala's Carville
2) He has no titles, no duties, he's ... NO! NO! You're suspended!

Al said...
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Al said...

try this again..

Imus' ratings Suckatate

CG said...

I don't get it...this is a case of where we need to just see the plain numbers. I don't understand how you can be #3 overall yet be 18th in a certain demo? Does every old person in New York listen to the program? It's mathematically possible, but WTF.

(Of course, I'm not in the target demo at all. I'm not yet 24, I'm not a man, I don't have a lot of money and I won't have my diploma for another few I'm sort of useless?)

Al said...

lol, College Girl, you're not totally useless. You have this Blog!

Ratings numbers certainly can be confusing...

Top rated radio stations usually means that they are very know, radio for the masses...i.e. BACKGROUND NOISE.

Imus is way more than just background's show was more proof of that!

CG said...

Ha...I tried to sound humorous, and then I read my comment over and I realized I sounded emo/borderline depressed. Good job outta me. Never write things on the Internet when you've had 3 hours of sleep and you're in a bad mood. (Perhaps I should play that "You can let go now, Daddy" song to pick me up...;-)

CG said...

On a lighter note - speaking of "he has no titles, no duties," my favorite Warner moment may have been last week. (Which I didn't hear until yesterday, because I'm always way behind on listening too)

"OK, you introduce the clip by saysing, 'You know what he is?' and you play 'Nowhere Man.'"

"I don't say 'Nowhere Man'?"

"No. You just play it."

"All right. Isiah Thomas is a real 'nowhere man.'"



Queenpat said...

The overall rating is based on the number of people who keep a diary ( soon to be replaced by an electronic version)and then is divided by the number of hours the program is heard and the population of a city. Something like that.

Then it is broken down even further by age, gender, salary etc.

I have someting on my wall from the 1940's called a "Barrometer" it was a predecesor of the Nielson ratings system. Compares the station involved to similar stations in the next larger city.

Reading it, I am surprised a program called " Hi Neighbor" beat out local news on the big market station. However, enough about ratings.

Imus' show needs something more than just a steady diet of "race conversation". I listen, just to unearth the nuggets of humor ( Wolf's "Nowhere Man echo intro lesson")or Rob as Scottso "Bull Balls R Us" quip within a very different program than what Imus used to have.

Al said...

Imus is so loaded down with commercials, news, weather and traffic that he has very little time..

And the Ratings these days reflect how screwed up radio is! Elvis Duran at Q100(or 101)is Number One in NY????

Elvis Duran and Morning Zoo radio is MINDLESS radio...and morning zoo radio is top rated....Hmmm

Fake Cardinal Egan, bejeez. said...

CG and I are the same age, hmmm... We're I-babies! Haha.

Oh my God. I HATE Elvis Duran's show. It's so GOD AWFUL and MIND-NUMBING. I used to switch to Z100 for the music in the morning when Imus was on commercial when I'd be driving to school but Jesus God, TOTALLY MIND-NUMBING AND AWFUL.

I mean I'm sure it works for some people and makes them laugh, but sheesh.

Anonymous said...

This is a good day.
Not only because there are other humans on the planet who have the same reaction to 'Elvis Duran' as I do...but that Imus has fans...WHO ARE STILL IN COLLEGE!

Yes, Virginia, there IS hope!!

You guys rock.
Thanks for being part of the faithful.


Fake Cardinal Egan, bejeez. said...


I'll be in college for the rest of my life. I was born in 84, graduated from Penn State in 2001, graduated from Rutgers ::cringe - I hate them:: in 2007, and finish medical school in 2011. Crazy, no? :)

Come back to Morristown soon! It's the closest one to me.

Click on my name if you wanna see a bad Bernard McGuirk impersonation, too. ;)


Mike said...

Robio graces us with his presence again! This is the closest I can get to the pope right now.

Have you beat, cardinal. I'm 22 :)

We should all plan a field trip one morning this summer to 33rd and Seventh for some waving at the window.

Queenpat said...

I have to be in NYC on my way to a show in MD May 17. If anyone wants to come by, I'll be over by the window...

CG said...

Nice to see you, Robio. :-)

I think you and I are tied, Mike - I'm 22 as well. You know what's so funny? The fact that none of the "I-babies" (Lenny, Mike, and myself) could contribute to that key 25-49 demo...because NONE OF US have turned 25!

I would love love love to go to the window, but I won't be near New York on May 17th. But if a group of you guys want to should totally do it! (And tell me all about it afterwards).