Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bland Blarney

That's what the Boston Herald says...

On a related note, some of these are nice.


Al said...

That writer seems like she is a few months behind the curve....what she wrote was WAY OLD stuff...tamer Imus, new cast members, etc. has been discussed adnausium(or however you spell it)

...and she wrote Imus is "RUMORED to be in poor health"? Rumored? Obviously the lady doesn't listen,or has she EVER listened to Imus in the Morning...geez

Hello, lady, anybody home?

laree said...

College Girl,

I thought Rob and Tony were pretty bawdy and it seemed to me there were more wasp attending then celtic folks. Maybe the writer should check out Media Matters For America if she want to investigate deeper!

I like the photos on the boston radio link, Karith and Bernard together at the end of the table...hmm Karith positioned next the person of Irish descent.

CollegeGirl said...

I thought that the article was a little...harsh? I mean, things aren't THAT bad. I'm going on the premise that the writer had only heard that day's performance. Exactly what was so tame about Tony's routine of black men being "bigger" than Irish men?
If this had been printed the week after they returned, then it would have been appropriate, but they've improved twentyfold since December.

I did laugh at the "Imus is rumored to be in poor health." O RLY?