Saturday, February 2, 2008

Redemption Radio

This photo accompanies an excellent article about the Imus program in today's New York Times, written by Jacques Steinberg...and as I type this, it's on the top front page of


Bruce said...

As usual College Girl you have found the hidden mine of Gold.

Excellent NYT's article. I applaud them for it as I do you.

CollegeGirl said...

Thanks :-)

Al said...

Imus' guest list has been, so far, IMPRESSIVE!...especially with the addition of Matt Taibbi, Michael Kay and Jeffry Toubin(who will be on tomorrow, I believe)...

At WABC and RFD, Imus has stepped up in class! He's moved on UP!

...and, that RFD set if FANTASTIC! It's pure New Mexico!

Al said...

Don's Color Guard

laree said...

College Girl,

Thank you I just tried to post this to Imus Times it won't let you look without signing up for the NYT.


CollegeGirl said...

Things really are looking better and better for the show. And I love the set too. I've seen pictures of it before, but that was the first "good" picture I've found. It really gives me an idea of where everybody is. (Question: Where is the window where all the "mouthbreathers" wave to the gang? Is it behind Charles?) And I'm excited about Jeffrey Toobin - I like him as well, and I'm really loving all these "new guests" that we never heard pre-April.

Laree, are you having a problem accessing the article? Tell me and I'll try to fix it.

Dee said...

College Girl and Al,
Thanks so much - I read both the NY Times and the St Pete Times and managed to miss BOTH those articles.

I love that the current bashers aren't getting any traction or attention.

Al said...

Speaking of bashers...Apparently Mike and Mad Dog are hammering Imus.. lol...poor babies.

Mike and Mad Dog rip Imus?

and, one of the know-it-alls at the NY radio message board think 'Bill from White Plains' is just "some guy Imus hired"...or something.

laree said...


There not even sure what Imus said they keep asking what did he say. Weird huh it is like they are pining for the old days. Well those days are gone, here is something we all had to learn, hope it helps them.

The Dogs bark but the Caravan moves on!

laree said...

College Girl,

I can read your link, the trouble I had was when I tried to cut and paste the article. Clicking on the link, It would come up sign up for the NYT page.

CollegeGirl said...

Dee, I'm also happy that the bashers aren't getting a great deal of attention; it seems that everyone has passed them by. Pretty awesome.

Al and Laree, I saw that thing about Mike and the be honest, I kinda sympathize with them. They *were* his biggest vocal supporters, and I can see how they feel "abandoned" by him. That said, Imus IMO seems to be respectful to WFAN, so I don't know where they're getting the "bashing" part. Maybe because he had on Michael Kay, their competition? Who knows. But I will cop to liking Fatso and Froot Loops, so I hope they clear this "feud" up soon.

I did, however, laugh at the guy who had never heard of Bill from White Plains. Not because he didn't know about the character, but because someone corrected him and he got all defensive. He snapped back and wrote, "Most of us do not stay in all day listening to the radio as much as some apparently do." Sensitive much? LOL.