Friday, January 4, 2008


What's this I'm hearing about Tim Russert coming on the show?

I believe that Mike and the Mad Dog said it best, quoted here:

Russo anointed Russert "No. 1" on the (weasel) list. He referred to the host of "Meet the Press" as the "biggest phony. And if I ever hear one more thing about that dopey old man of his ... I'm not interested in Big Jake or whatever his name is."

Francesa: "Leave (Russert's father) alone. It's not his fault his kid doesn't have any guts."

I was excited about the new incarnation of the Imus show. A lot of people in the media claimed that he would never get back some of his old guests, but I didn't care. I saw this as an opportunity to scout out young, undiscovered talent, and henceforth introduce us to a new generation of reporters. At the same time, we could still hear all of the supporters from last April - and even a few of the fence-sitters.

I think eeryone was shocked last April by the behavior of Tim Russert. I remember a long time ago - around Father's Day 2006 - when he was on the show talking about the life lessons his father taught him. He told some gut-wrenching, tearjerker stories from the book about people whose fathers had sacrificed for them.

Now I had liked Russert before I became an Imus fan, and this interview made me like him even more. Here was a man, I thought, who manages to stay in the public, yet managed to be a genuine person. How rare is that?

When the events of April went down, I remember thinking to myself, Holy s***, I was fooled. All this time, I was fooled. Judging by other Imus fans' reactions, I wasn't the only one who felt this way.

And here’s what gets me the most. The reason why he’s such a weasel to me? The fact that he wrote this wonderful book…about fatherhood. It would be different if the book covered politics or Millard Fillmore or witty anecdotes about pets. But fatherhood? (Kind of like the way I can’t stand Jon Meacham, the go-to “Jesus died on the cross for our sins” political guest who was the very first person to get thirty sheckels from Al Sharpton.)

Do you remember back in May, when Russert appeared on the program, and Charles walked out on him on the air? Now THAT'S showing some cojones, not to mention true loyalty. Even though that didn't technically happen on Imus in the Morning (at that point it was called MSNBC Morning Live, or something like that), I firmly believe that moment should be considered among the "Best of" in the history of the show.

And now I hear that he's going to be a guest on the program tomorrow.

Why? Is it because "some people change?"

Perhaps it is. And if he comes on and is treated like a king, I know that some people, including myself, will also change. The channel.


Bruce said...

Imus knows what he is doing my dear College Girl. And you know it too.

He has a method to his madness.

Glad your posting such a post.

Dee said...

Well, this should be interesting - it will be the first time I have had to look at or listen to Russert since last April and I hope I can keep my breakfast down.

Dee said...

That was fine until the end, when Imus kept saying "thenk you Tim, thank you". I nearly hurled.

Al said...

"I know what I'm doing"...Don Imus.

That quote is all you need to know...

Relax and enjoy the show...the past is the past...time to move on.

Dee said...

I agree - they both know it's win-win to have Russert back on, and they're nothing if not pros.

Anonymous said...

Can you explain what exactly Russert did? Can you explain?

CollegeGirl said...

Y'all make some very good points. I agree that the "thank you, thank you" was a bit much...but yeah. Something behind the scenes is afoot here.

Forgiveness is one of the hardest things...I don't know if he has reached that point yet, but maybe he has.

laree said...

College Girl,

Imus has been in the radio business for a real long time. I bet he knows where some skeltons are buried...or closeted.

I don't think people got the subtley of his comment after the last page 6, about Tom Brokaw. Imus stated, I can do this once a week for the next 5 years. I think people from NBC contacted them after that and a ah... meeting of the minds was reached.

Imus said, today don't worry about the show, I know what I am doing...manage your hedge funds or watch one more cow. I'll take care of this or words to that effect.

It doesn't mean that anyone has to like every guest, he has on his program. Think about it did you like every guest he had on before?