Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Another Question

Unless you live under a rock, you've heard about the recent endorsement of Barack Obama by Teddy Kennedy. This is the first time that Teddy Kennedy has been relevant in, like, 20 years.

This leads me to ask the following question. Let's say that you ran a comedy show, and one day, out of nowhere, you decided to randomly fire a talented cast member who has been loyal to you for the past 35 years. Then why would you fire the one guy who does Ted Kennedy?

We really have to wonder why Imus would throw Larry Kenney under the bus after 35 years. I certainly can't explain it, unless Imus is on the drugs again.


laree said...

College Girl,

I blame multitasking. Teddy has women trouble, yeah newsflash!


It is Politics, times like these you kind of wish you had Teddy to interview...or you know the next best thing ;)

CollegeGirl said...

Thanks so much Laree! :-)

saad-o said...


I was/am most distressed about the Bernie situation (or, lack of Bernie situation); this, however, is quickly ascending my concern list. I completely understand changes/reconfiguring the show--characters have come & gone over the years--but Larry isn't someone who happened into the show for a few years. After so many years, loyalty doesn't seem like it should be optional. I have been reading the (frequent) complaints about the show on the "Imus sites"; I don't join in, but I must say, this is not the "cowboy" I thought I knew.

CollegeGirl said...

Same here, Saad-o. I actually considered deleting this post this morning, because I was in a bad mood last night when I wrote it,but I think it's best to leave it. I just don't understand at all...

As for Bernie, my hope is that they haven't done Cardinal Egan yet because there isn't a camera in the studio. Maybe when that gets installed, they'll do it.

Mike said...

Wait, College Girl, did I miss something? Larry Kenney - fired? I didn't know anything about this and I can't seem to find anything. Where did you hear this?

Sorry, I'm just a little bewildered right now. Larry's the man.

Al said...

"The I-Man seems to have become dissatisfied with my work. Not sure when,
if ever, I'll be asked back on the show." ...Larry Kenny

CollegeGirl said...


No need to apologize, totally understandable. The whole situation is really confusing.

Here's what happened: recently a bunch of people emailed Larry at his website, telling him that he's funny, they miss him, when will he be back on Imus, etc. Then Larry started emailing everyone back, saying that the I-Man was disenchanted with his work and had, in effect, "banned" him from the show. He said that he wouldn't be back in the near future; in fact, he may never be back.

Larry was one of my favorites, too, so I am seriously, seriously disappointed. I laughed almost every time he was on, and I would think that his humor is sorely needed when the show is getting back on its feet.I honestly don't know what the I-Man was thinking - it's certainly one of the more idiotic decisions I've seen.

Anonymous said...

the new version of Imus in the morning just plain out ... stinks

the 2 new cast members are rarely funny

Bernie is muzzled

Imus has been revealed to be far less than the tough guy he once was or pretended to be

The stict format and hard breaks required by abc ruin the free flow the show had in wfan

even "Bo" has tonded it down

all in all, I missed Imus went he got knock of the air last April and I still miss Imus because this is nit the Imus that I tuned in to hear for 20+ years

he is a beaten man

Bruce said...

And what happened to the Scum report lady. That was a good feature. Bring her over from WFAN.
And Larry Kenney, bring him back, please!
Put Bernard and the tech guy back on Camera.
Cardinal Egan come back, with your fed-ex hat.
Tony is too angry all the time and not funny.
And the lady is not that appealing and refreshing as she was before her boyfriend moved in. She's lost her sparkle.
And while I'm at it--tell Imus to quit arguing and contradicting himself! It's tiresome.
Hope Rob can come back soon, he is one of a kind and great.
Werner is great at sports and has a great re pore with Imus; but his best sports guy ever was the won who tried to jump out of the window in Cleveland. I'd like to see him back.

Bruce McKenzie

Deidre Lee said...

There is no longer a Don Imus as we knew him. The fact that the two black "watchers" sit on either side of him leaves me unable to watch the show. He seems to have to walk on eggs. Neither one of those two contribute anything to the show. The Imus we knew would never have come back on the air with these two PC guards. We needed Bernie back in front of the camera.

Anonymous said...

The last few days the show has actually been better with Bernie at the helm. Not that I don't want Imus back, but lately his harangues against Jackson and Ford are way over the top, even for him. Is it the Vicodan or what? And his vicious attack on Cara and her cat? His grouchy mean demeanor is costing him audience and eventually will mean the progam's demise.
And again I beg him to bring back Larry Kenny as the interior decorator. He was the best.
Does anyone actually have an e-mail address for the show so we can communicate our concerns and wishes?