Sunday, December 9, 2007

Never Trust The Quiet Ones

Some interesting items in the news:

-Ron Kuby wrote a whiny article about being fired from his radio gig.

I felt bad for Kuby and his partner, Curtis Sliwa, when Imus got hired at WABC. They had a substantial fan following, they had stuck up for Imus during the controversy, and they seemed like good guys. And now, after all that, they were getting the shaft.

I remember how some Imus fans went over to a WABC fansite and started heckling the C&K people, telling them that their favorite show was crap compared to the new program. This was a bad idea for several reasons, namely that it was really rude and probably lost Imus some potential listeners and fans. But also: how would you feel if a bunch of Joe Scarborough fans started spamming the Imus sites, telling people that they should just get used to Joe and how he's a demigod? Yeah, that would suck really hard, wouldn't it?


So, I felt terrible for them, and I still do. But I will never forget listening to the WABC stream at about 3 minutes before Imus' debut, and hearing Sliwa completely trash Imus and the guys before introducing them. It was actually pretty hilarious and completely out of nowhere - I was sitting there at my computer, laughing and going "WTF." But still, not very classy.

I hope they find some sort of solution. Here's a thought - maybe Imus can stay at WABC, and then Curtis and Kuby can replace Al Sharpton's radio program. I think that situation would make everyone happy.

- Sid Rosenberg interviewed Bo Dietl the other day on his radio show. One would think that a Sid - Bo conversation on censorship would be so insane that it would make the radio explode, but they're actually fairly lucid.

That said, they have an interesting discussion about the Imus in the Morning program. And Bo reveals something really surprising: he claims that Al Roker is a huge fan of Imus' program. Of course, this is Bo talking, but still.

-Finally, some saintly person put up the Whittaker Chambers moment on Youtube. There is a good reason why Charles going insane equals Youtube gold.


Al said...

Speaking of classy...

Imus REALLY is on a much better radio station than that 'thing' he was on before(something called WFAN, I The tag-team traffic and weather girls give the show a nice touch...

laree said...


Laura said something like they were still cleaning the mold out of the WFAN she felt like she had to wear an enviormentalist suit to go and visit Imus when he was working there SMILE.

This is from Marty Chickaboomer both ChannelX and I contributed to this one.

laree said...

College Girl,

Monica Crowley will be Imus's guest on Monday as she should be when everyone was jumping ship. Monica stood firm.

Al said...

One of the highlights of today's(Monday) show...Karith talking about Oprah and Obama...Karith beginning to show her stuff!

And, the BIG least for those of us in New Mexico...

Imus announced that he is going back on the radio in Albuquerque.
woohoo!! and yeehaw!!

Al said...

Delbert McClinton and his band performing live on Imus the 18th?

CollegeGirl said...

Al, that's so exciting that Albuquerque picked up the show!!! Congrats! I know you had been concerned about that - and now you don't have to listen on the computer anymore! That's awesome. :-)