Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Morning Wars

Were you up on the morning after Christmas, at 8 AM-ish, watching Chris Matthews host Morning Joe on MSNBC?

Well, in case you weren't, he apparently said that Joe's program is vastly superior to Imus'. In fact, I shall give you the mediabistro quote, because their version is pretty darn awesome:

"This is the greatest show in the morning. This is better than Imus! Haaaa."

Haaaa, indeed. Well, at least he didn't drop the F-Bomb.


Phyllis said...


Matthews' ego fit inside the MSNBC studio? Now that is news -- Haaaa, (accompanied by spits and slobbers) indeed!

That poor, delusional thing -- you'd think a friend would stage an intervention. Guess that one answered itself, CollegeGirl.

It has been scary to watch his mental decline -- the spewing rants... the creepy, slobbering (literally) interview with Erin Burnett when he asked her to lean closer (eeuuuwww)... Really, someone needs to take his hand and lead him to a 'quiet place' where he can get some rest.

Maybe Jon Stewart could intervene -- I recall that when Matthews went on The Daily Show to promote his 'self-promotional' book, Stewart seemed alarmed by Matthews' state of mind, and he said that he thought Matthews and his book were full of, shall we say nonsense? Does anyone have Jon Stewart's phone number?

Bruce said...

Matthews is a very delusional person. Was he there to boost the rating of the "Morning Joke" program with no Joe present? Or was he lost in 30 Rock and stumbled upon the most irrelevant program MSNBC has.

If it wasn't for Willie Geist that show would be a complete bore. Now it is just totally irrelevant.

C-Span has more interesting TV at that hour.

Happy New Year College Girl

Al said...

Chris Matthews is just a little hyper, that's all...ha!

so, here's a cute, little breaking news blurb about Imus Cometh to New Mexico that you might be interested i
I-Man cometh..local yokel angle

laree said...

College Girl,

Mika had just flashed under the table they sit at, that she still had her pjs on...tucked in her boots. uh huh, that is compelling morning tv programing GRIN.

Al said...

Going up against 'Morning Joe'...or not even a war-like situation...

Maybe a skirmish?

No, not even a skirmish for Imus...
Morning Joe is more like a knat or a fly just buzzin' around...

CollegeGirl said...

LOL, guys, thanks for the comments.

One of my favorite comedians on SNL, Darrell Hammond, does a great impression of Chris Matthews. On one of the sketches, "Chris" read some of his viewer mail: "Dear Mr. Matthews, please stop shouting. Your yelling keeps my two-year-old up all night...even when we put the volume on 'Mute.'" Classic.

laree said...

College Girl

Fake Al Sharpton is back, and talking smack.

laree said...

College Girl

It looks like, according to Spud, on ICN, Imus is at the top of his hot list for 2007. The morning was fizzled. I kind of thought Morning Joe would go out the way it came in fizzled.