Friday, December 7, 2007

Interview With The Vampire

Did everyone catch the “Ten Most Fascinating People” interview last night?

It was interesting. And the content leading up to it was pretty epic in its own right. Justin Timberlake was asked, “So where did sexy go?” Then we had to watch the two Myspace founders create a page for Barbara Walters. “So, if I were an alien coming down from space, would I have to get on Myspace?” Classy.

Barbara did ask some decent questions. You may have seen that headline on Bill Clinton attending his wife’s potential Cabinet meetings - well, that came from a question that she asked him on this program. (And Imus is apparently more influential than Bill Clinton, if we are to believe the profile order.)

The actual Imus interview was good. (Imustruth has the video.) She describes him as the guy who invented shock jockery and who does a wide assortment of noble and crazy things. It seemed pretty fair – Mr. Imus didn’t seem as “whipped” as he did when he made all those apologies. I will say that he looked a lot better on the MSNBC cameras than the ABC ones. ABC doesn’t have Tom Bowman working for them, I guess.

But I had a disturbing realization shortly afterwards – and no, it was not hearing that the ex-Spice Girl married to David Beckham is more influential than Imus. (Seriously.) It was a segment they did on controversial leader Hugo Chavez. Apparently the Venezuelan leader hosts a daily morning show, entitled Aló Presidente, in which Chavez obsesses over all of his enemies, talks about political issues, and mocks Americans. And I thought, “Holy crap. So WABC hired a Latin American dictator.”

My parents actually called me to remind me of the interview. “You know,” said Dad, “I think that Imus looks like Keith Richards’ mother.” But he didn’t say it in jest; he said it in a concerned voice, like a father who worries about the people influencing his child.

What can I say? I like “fascinating people.”


Al said...

Tom 'Bigfoot' Bowman now works for least that is what Imus said the other day.

I missed the Walters interview, but Laura Ingraham was good this morning on 'Imus in the Morning'

laree said...

College Girl,

I like your Dad's discription of how Imus looks, Too Funny.

Imus is really not happy with Time Magazine's quote in the Verbatim section. he mentioned the email address, to time magazine, and at one point, he rattled off the fax number. Imus thinks it is an intentional dishonest slam at him. This is typical Time Magazine, remember they hired Anna Marie Cox.

This is two intentional remarks I have caught in two days yesterday it was the statement from the N.O.W. woman on why did Imus have to hire two comedians? She doesn't like comedians? N.O.W. piled on last April, I guess this is as good as they can do now?
You have Time Magazine now taking something out of context, and we all know which way they are leaning politically. This is it this is the best they can do? taking pot shots? It is good to see Imus has his antenna up.

laree said...

College Girl,

This is a post from Supportimus org

Anonymous said:
Don't forget.

How to reach Time Magazine:


Fax: 1-212-522-8949

Letters: TIME Magazine Letters
Time & Life Building
Rockefeller Center
New York, N.Y. 10020

When you write Time, make sure that you send a copy to

December 7, 2007 8:50 AM

laree said...

College Girl,

Check out the new youtube Imus video Let the Day begin.

saad-o said...

Collegegirl, Ree,

Of course the woman from NOW would ridicule the hiring of comedians...have you ever seen any one associated with NOW that you would not describe as "humorless"? Maybe they should rename in HOW-NOW (Humorless Org of Women), cow reference intentional...

laree said...

College Girl,

I love Imus take on the Barbara Walters special. I just need to try and purge this from my memory now..Barbara Walters and Imus.

CollegeGirl said...

Thanks for the links, Laree.

Al, I think it's so awesome that Bigfoot and the other producers are working at RFD-TV. You know, at first I just assumed that they were loyal to Imus. But now, after reading all of this press about NBC failing at life, I wonder if they're just doing it for the job security...

Saad-O, I don't remember where I read this (I think on one of the Imus sites), but someone was ranting about that woman and wrote, "She hasn't been laid since Sputnik!" That describes it all.