Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Deep Thoughts

So what does everyone think?

First show – loved it. It’s still so hard to believe that yes, they are back. Just as it was hard to believe last April that they were gone.

I missed the second show yesterday, which apparently was a good thing. You know your second show has bombed when its ineptitude makes Drudge Report. At least it kept their names in the paper.

Though I have to ask - was it really "one of the ugliest technical train wrecks in recent radio and TV memory," as claimed here? I would think that prize would go to Janet Jackson in 2004. THAT was pretty ugly. Incidentally, I don't think the world is ready for a "wardrobe malfunction" on Imus.

But today’s show was better, or so I've heard. Right now I’m waiting for it to load on the Imustruth site. (I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but that is an excellent site. Not only does the owner seem well-connected – he was the first guy to get the names of the two new castmembers – but it always has up-to-date information. Also, the webmaster posts his collection of archived shows, which is my favorite aspect of the website.)

As for the new sidekicks? I will say this: they show promise. But when I was waiting all these months to hear the show, I was waiting to hear Bernard and Lou, not two unfamiliar voices. And that would be true whether they were black OR white. Some people have been disappointed in them, and I think it's for that reason: they're not Bernard and Lou.

I’m happy that we no longer have to pay attention to the whiny naysayers. The fans won, and they lost. I briefly looked at some of the negative press (in a gloating sort of way), and I found this gem from an activist in Rhode Island: “I’m committed to nonviolence, so the only thing I can do is violently turn the radio off.” Now, how does one violently turn the radio off? Do you repeatedly throw it against the wall until it stops? Do you vigorously yank out the plug? Also, the man claims to be a nonviolent person. So he only makes exception to his lifestyle with appliance abuse? Was he traumatized by “The Brave Little Toaster” as a child?

However, there is one thing that the Imus show MUST change. Yesterday I tried listening to part of the repeat on It came in fine, but for some reason the Imus show has these endless commercial breaks consisting of nothing but Public Service Announcements. Naturally, the PSAs are voiced by the most annoying little children on Earth. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love children. I want to have them someday. But Heaven Forbid I have preachy PSA children with shrill voices. One of the commercials started with a little girl who said, in a childlike voice, “I am six years old. I love dolls. I love soccer. And in 3 years, I will love alcohol.” That made me laugh so hard. (Seriously, I am a horrible person.)

The commercials on WABC aren't so bad. I love the Hackensack hospital one (so sweet), and the others are OK. The only one that annoys me is that anti-Enron one, where the people are hideously laughing and the angry announcer goes, "Are you tired of taking it to the chin?" Whenever I hear "taking it to the chin," I always think of an unfortunate Bernard joke.

Tomorrow: the Barbara Walters interview. I will take bets as to whether Imus or Barbara will start crying first.


Phyllis said...

Hi CollegeGirl,

I'll bet dollars to donuts that our Cowboy does not cry -- He has to go to work on Friday morning and face the music. Barbara Walters could waterboard him, wouldn't matter.

We're gonna be fantabulous, CollegeGirl. In April, I wouldn't have believed that we have now had three new Imus shows. Each of the shows has been wonderful in its own way -- I even loved the technical glitches on yesterday's show. Reminded me of when they were at the Ranch and couldn't get the phone lines to work. I'm horrible like you -- I too laughed at the little girl 'alcoholic' who is going to do things that she wouldn't have done had it not been for the alcohol -- what are they implying? Is she gonna get an STD or kill the folks?

And if all publicity is good publicity, then Imus is pure gold -- but we knew that. No one even talks about Iowa without mentioning the program and whether or not the candidates should have been on, or what they said. Excellent street cred -- can I say that?

I guess Tony and Karitha seem fine and are probably doing what they were hired to do, but it is not as much fun to watch them (please pan around more, camera) as it is to see Bernie, Lou, Larry dressed as the set designer (he could 'fluff' things up a bit), Dr. Phil -- you know, our guys. We missed them so much and want to see and enjoy them. Just like when you go home and visit the folks on college break, they don't want a quick shoutout and then have you up in your room -- they want to share the love!

I think Imus and the gang are doing exactly what they want and/or need to do -- they are being more careful and cautious -- very smart and very kind. I'll know we're back when we hit outrageously hilarious.

The most important thing is that we have Imus back -- and what is this five-year contract business? If Larry King is still doing his show at 98 or whatever, we should have Imus for at least 20 more years. Enjoy today's show, CollegeGirl, it is fun.

imusfan said...

I'm just a happy camper to have the show back - although the commercials-to-program ratio is unbelievable! Who said sponsors wouldn't be back? I'm getting dead air a lot too (I don't have RFD-TV, am trying different internet streams and right now listening to dead air on imusonair or whatever it is).

I missed the beginning today but someone on Imus Truth said that the RFD ratings Monday were 6 times those of MSNBC - how sweet is that?!

I think they're getting better every day, and more comfortable.

laree said...

College Girl,All,

I am watching RFD TV in the morning, and they fixed the constant station identifications...College Girl, be happy you are not getting the public service announcement, for it takes a dad to be a this: a little boy alone in a field, he throws a baseball to no one, then he runs over and throws it back, to where he was just standing LOL. I am sorry but somebody is paying good money for these concepts, and I know there are lay people out there, that could do a better job. I want the PSA to get their moneys worth.

The tv side is working. I hope they do get Ashley back and they put up an official Imus in the Morning Website. I don't know which side would put that up Citadel or RFD TV, anyway it would be like a clearing house for Imus, all Imus all the time.

I was watching yesterday and I had stated that Tony Powell made a joke about Joy Behear and the cover of Maxium magazine, that was Bernie chiming in, not Tony. I caught that on the replay today.

I do wonder what will they do, when they have live musical guest like they used to do, when they simulcast on MSNBC?

Al said...

This pretty much says it all...

Imus is Back...almost

Al said...

Updated affiliate list...KABC! Imus in the Morning beginning to move WEST..

WABC 770 Khz NewsTalk Radio 77 News/Talk New York, NY Live 6A-10A Citadel Broadcasting
KABC[1] 790 KHz TalkRadio 790 KABC Talk Los Angeles, CA Live 3A-5A Citadel Broadcasting
WTKK 96.9 MHz Boston's Talk Evolution Talk Boston, MA Tape 5A-6A/ Live 6A-9A Greater Media
WTAN 1340 KHz TanTalk 1340 News Talk Information Tampa, FL Live 6A-9A Radio World Inc.
WSKO 790 KHz Sportsradio 790 Sports Providence, RI Live 6A-9A Citadel Broadcasting
WTAR 850 KHz AM850 WTAR Sports/Talk Norfolk, VA Live 6A-9A Sinclair Broadcast Group
WXUR 92.7 MHz 92-7 The Drive Modern Hits Utica, NY Live 6A-10A Arjuna Broadcasting Corp.
WHDQ 106.1 MHz #1 for Classic Rock Classic Rock Claremont, NH Live 6A-10A Nassau Broadcasting, Corp.
WQMR 101.1 MHz Talk Radio 101.1 FM News Talk Information Salisbury, MD Live 6A-10A Snow Hill Broadcasting, L.L.C.
WQTK 92.7 MHz The North Country's News and Talk Authority News Talk Information Ogdensburg, NY Live 6A-10A Community Broadcasters, L.L.C.
WARK 1490 KHz 1490 WARK

laree said...


I read that article, was that tough love or sharp elbows?

RFD TV ratings is 6X that of when they were on MSNBC. Somebody in fly over country is watching..(Rural Iowa
Voters) where the primary is coming up next month. This guy is big city- urban, the article writer, and he doesn't get the RFD TV side at all. Rural America Votes (Imus will have from now to the election next Nov., to work the kinks out...Politicians want to reach Voters. Imus is in a sweet spot right now. The Urban Radio side, needs to be married to the Rural TV side if they pull this off it will be successful.

They have to get comfortable in the new digs. But please radio people, bicker with one another, and write about it, I find it entertaining.

This isn't his first rodeo, I would ditch the PR Guy if I were him. Karith and Tony have a purpose countering, NAN,MMA,Move on, Daily Kos.,NABJ,ect...Imus has enemies...Enemies with sharp teeth warts, and hair all over them LOL.

Al said...

All the "tough love"(sharp elbows) is good stuff...cuz Imus IS listening and reading it all....

Imus in the Morning is getting better with each passing day...they are getting into a nice groove....and Tony Powell, at this point, is the STANDOUT of the NEW Imus in the Morning show...

laree said...

Al,College Girl,

I am contributing to blog about Imus here. I know College Girl isn't crazy about chickaboomer but I like Marty. I think she is fun.

CollegeGirl said...

Phyllis, the mental image of Barbara Walters waterboarding him for information made me laugh. If he DID cry, it would be worth it if all the guys ripped into him the next day. Now THAT would be Classic Imus.

I do miss seeing/hearing Bernie and Lou. I don't get RFD-TV (my dorm just has regular cable) so for the time being I'm forced to only hear the audio portion. I'm hoping that they're too busy to talk because they're both tied up with the tech problems right now.

My problem with Karinth is that it feels like she's trying to be the mom. We all know that Charles is supposed to be the mom. (Do you hear it yesterday when he corrected Imus' grammar from 'Can I' to 'May I'? LOL!) It feels a lot like she's either stepping on people's toes, or downplaying the guy humor.

After reading some of the press that Huckabee's been getting, I'm happy to know that Imus still has 'street cred.' (Don't worry, I won't tell anyone that you said that! :-)

Good to know that I'm not the only one who laughs at the PSA ads. I guess that's why we're all Imus fans - we love this kind of humor. :-)

CollegeGirl said...

Imusfan, that "six times the audience on MSNBC" statistic is CRAZY. I am so happy for them. That's incredible. Who would have thought that little RFD could have done that?

I just hope that Imus was basing that off of his own numbers, not Scarborough's. If he based that off of Morning Joe's, that means he has about 12 viewers. :-)


CollegeGirl said...

Al, that article is pretty amazing. That guy summed up what a LOT of people (including myself) were thinking.

I really hope that someone in the Imus camp sees that - after all, tough love can often be the best kind.

CollegeGirl said...

Laree, good to know that RFD has some awful commercials too. That baseball commercial sounds like a classic.

I didn't mean to be so harsh on Chickaboomer the other day - I was in a bit of a bad mood. She's not really my thing, but it's really awesome that she's given you a guest role. You can speak truth to power to those media elites.

oldimusfan said...

College Girl,
I listened to the rebroadcast and on hearing it first-hand I wasn't really sure what the 6X referred to - could have been RFD a year ago, who knows.

Anyway, Morning Joe's numbers are terrible, MSNBC is firing a whole layer of management, and I'm taking a little guilty pleasure in seeing that go on while Imus has a 5-yr contract. Yes, I also laugh at those RFD commercials - but I'm not a bad person!

BTW, I've added the "old" to the front of imusfan to avoid confusion, because someone now posts on imus truth as imusfan, and I'm not that person.

I'm still loving the show, newbies and all, after 8 months of brain-dead "morning news" chatter and giggling. Unfortunately I sort of have a life and it's hard to catch the whole show on the internet. I downloaded a recorder for the audio, but I'm still working out which stream to record when. I'm sure it will all be worked out in time. Life is good.

Al said...

Highlight of today...
Imus 'aggravating Rob'

Imus gettin' the tough questions To Rudy G.

Imus(the horse's and the surprisingly good guest appearance of John Kerry...

The digital voice recorders are great for recording streaming audio when you're not able to be at home during the Imus show.

laree said...


This is a jossip link to what is happening to MSNBC.

Imus might be counting his blessing right about now.

CollegeGirl said...

OldImusFan, thanks for the info on the name change.
The guys are such a relief from Morning Joe, and I cna't help but notice how Joe's numbers keep slipping.
Incidentally, did you know that every evening, the webmaster of Imustruth puts up the audio from that day's Imus show? It's really good - and you may not even need your recorder.

CollegeGirl said...

Al, I loved the "horses' ass" letter, and I also loved how Rob was forced to "redo" his routine later...and it turned out to be the EXACT SAME THING from earlier. LOL.

CollegeGirl said...

Laree, that article is insane. Wow. Thanks a lot. :-)