Friday, November 23, 2007

Weekend Update

First of all, how hot is this logo? Thanks to Al for finding it; it's on the WTKK website, and it's my favorite so far. (I even like it better than the retro-looking red-orange-yellow WABC one. Now THAT is an excellent logo.)

Second, I urge you to read James Wolcott's excellent piece on various people whining about Imus' return. Mostly, it will put you in a good mood. But more importantly, it succintly sums up our feelings about this entire "hate speech" accusation. Is is wonderfully written and worth your time.

Third, more good affiliate news: 1340 WTAN out of Clearwater, Florida has decided to syndicate the program! (That's WTAN, not WFAN, LOL).

Fourth, expect something exciting in the next couple of days. It isn't news or some sort of scoop; rather, it's just something that I put together. I think you'll love it. (If I can figure out how to post it, that is. I'm still a Blogger novice.)

In the meantime, can you believe that we're almost a week away?


Al said...

Here comes the "dangerous?" I-Man!


...and soon to be on the 'TAN!

imusfan said...

Thanks College Girl,
Great article and logo - and I'm thrilled about WTAN; we can spread the internet load among stations.

CollegeGirl said...

I'm excited about the 'TAN too - I think they carried him for a long time and I'm sure they're thrilled he's back. Plus, this is a station outside the Northeast.

LOL@ "dangerous." I'm sure Charles could dispute that.

Al said...

Speaking of Charles...

I can't wait to hear some more of McCord's awesome essays!!

CollegeGirl said...

ME TOO!!! :-)

Penny said...

As a 30+ year Imus junkie, I am anxiously waiting to hear about a Bay Area affiliate, since I can't get RFD. Since April, I've sat in complete silence reading my paper, no other morning show can take the I-man's place for me!