Tuesday, November 13, 2007

To the Fans, About the FAN

I ran across the following about a week ago, but I hesitated in posting it. Mostly because it seemed a bit...well...let me explain.

I sometimes like to read the posts at the Mike and the Mad Dog forums. The posters mostly discuss (and hilariously mock) the Mike and the Mad Dog program. But they also talk about other WFAN shows and personalities. I don't go there as often as I used to (for obvious reasons), but it's a fun read.

About a month ago, the administrator of the site contacted Sid Rosenberg and asked him if he wanted to join. (Sid now does mornings at 790 The Ticket in Miami.) Sid did join, and he asnwered a few questions from posters.

But a little over the week ago, he posted the following message. Like I said, I was hesitant on posting this here because it didn't feel right. However, since this was intended to be a direct message to his fans - and not a private email to a friend - I decided that it was appropriate. So here you go.

Sid's Days At The FAN...OVER!

I have received a bunch of emails from listeners on this forum and the New York City Message Board about a possible return to the FAN in the near future.....you want a safe bet? Bet NO!

For starters, I don't believe the "powers that be" (especially the Eric Spitz's of the world) want me back. Secondly, it is a rash judgement to assume I want to be back there....truth be told, I don't. While I readily agree that a voice in my hometown would be nice the FAN would NOT be my first choice.

I am actually down on the station both from an on-air and off-air standpoint. I have a chance to listen (via the internet) a little each day and my relatives up there still listen religously and we've all come to the same conclusion....this is NOT the FAN your dad told you about!

I personally don't like Craig Carton on or off the air and while I like Boomer I can't imagine the show is any good. And I'm sure that on its best day it doesn't hold a candle to the great Imus shows we put on. I LOVE Joe Benigno both on and off the air and I'm also very fond of Somers too. Some of the younger guys (Malusis, Licata, etc) are talented up and comers as well. But for the most part FAN is filled with monstrous egos who aren't nearly as good on the air as they'd like you to believe.

The station will always be a big biller and always have a sizable audience because of the market but that's NOT necessarily an accurate indicator of the overall talent.

I am only in year 1 of a 4 year deal down here and I've started to create a really nice niche in this market. Plus the people I work with down here appreciate my talent and treat me with respect. Not that a return is out of the question, but I would rather end up on a non-sports station or a satellite format.

With that said, thanks again for the continued loyalty and Let's Go Giants!!!!


So...I'm not sure if trashing your ex-employer on the Internet is the smartest thing in the world.

But that said, at least he's keeping it real for his fans and expressing his real opinion.

(Incidentally, if you want to see what Sid's been up to recently, click here to access the audio archive for The Sid Rosenberg Show. He's been getting rave reviews, so you should really check it out. This interview is a good place to start.)


Al said...

Remember when Sid dressed up as Dale Evans?...with the Cowgirl hat and everything...lol

and the WABC webmaster been working overtime to get the streaming audio working good for the big day(Dec 3rd)..things are improving on that site!

Phyllis said...

Is that when Sid sang "Happy Trails to You" -- badly but with feeling? Had he lost a bet with Imus and that was his "punishment"?

I just remember Sid finishing each phrase a few seconds before the music, and Imus and Charles were cracking up at him.

CollegeGirl said...

I saw that "Happy Trails" clip during one of the "Best of Imus" shows. It was hilarious.

I searched Youtube, but strangely it isn't there. Someone needs to upload that thing for the greater good of the public... :-)

laree said...

I was asking awhile back, when the 77WABC contract was announced: Has anyone seen or heard about Sid's where abouts ? I suggested we tie a bell around his kneck back then GRIN...well he popped back up, good to know his where abouts!