Friday, November 30, 2007

That's...Absolutely Fascinating

So apparently USA Today claimed that 20/20 would be airing an Imus interview tonight. I think they got their dates wrong, because Barbara Walters (LOL) is supposed to interview him next Thursday the 6th, or so I've heard. Something called the "Ten Most Fascinating People of 2007."

I definitely agree that he deserves a spot on the list, but I couldn't help but laugh at all the other names on this thing:

-David Beckham and his wife, "Posh Spice" Victoria Beckham

-Justin Timberlake

-Jennifer Hudson

-Katherine Heigl (She's on Grey's Anatomy - thank you, Wikipedia)

-Former President Bill Clinton (I don't know if he had any #1 hits)

-MySpace media moguls Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe

Now I don't want to judge before seeing anything, but this special looks pretty heinous. First off, look at all of the people on the list. (Posh Spice? Seriously?) And even worse, you know Barbara Walters is going to try and make the I-Man cry. That's gonna be super-awkward.

At any rate, someone might want to watch 20/20 tonight just to make sure they're not showing anything special. I would do it myself, but I have plans for tonight. Plans that I don't want to ditch because some USA Today staffer was too lazy to fact-check. So if someone sees it, tell us how it went. I'm assuming that a diligent person somewhere will put it up on the Youtubes, and the rest of us lazy and/or technologically challenged people will be able to free ride off of their work.


Al said...

Looks like 20/20 is doing a thing on 'Soldiers and Drugs' tonight...

Well, Imus was a soldier...and he did do drugs ...

Wow, those mensas at USAToday are really on the ball!

Al said...

The All new, improved Imus... is a terrific column!!

laree said...

College Girl,

I love Imus posted a latin riddle- it is really kind of interesting if you like word play. I like word play so I am passing this along.

imus -is a word in latin.

laree said...


CNBC is running a poll about whether Citadel should have put Imus back on the Air...a little behind the news at CNBC, the poll has 274 votes and it is 92% yes.

CNBC is part of NBCU just in case you would like to share some feedback with themby voting in their late, lame poll.

laree said...


Fishbowl wants to know if you will be listening to Imus the first day?

There are more then a few I know who bought tickets and will be there in person.

Anyway Fishbowl poll 101 people voted 79% will be listening.

laree said...


Fishbowl, asked some folks if they would go back on Imus, and I am not making this up this was....

Gwen Ifill's reply "I have no thoughts"

Well now we have confimation from the source, about what the majority of us already suspected...You can't make this stuff up.

CollegeGirl said...

Thanks for the links, Laree. That's a very interesting wordplay.

"We go into the circle by night and are consumed by fire."

CollegeGirl said...

Al - LOL!!!!!!! That post really did make me laugh out loud. :-) And thanks for the article.

laree said...

College Girl,

Imus in latin means: we go

When I read the riddle, all I can think of is Johnny Cash's song, I fell into a burning ring of fire, I fell in and the flames were burning higher,that ring of fire GRIN. Damn dead language!

Vicki said...

College Girl,

They did a preview of Thursday's special last night. It included a very short clip of Imus being interviewed by Baba Wawa ..... I nominate it for Stoopidest Question of the Year: "So, how has this year been for you ?" (smack) It's truly time to send Babs to the dogtrack.

However, Imus looked pretty darned good. New glasses, decent haircut (from what I could see sticking out from under the hat) ...definitely healthier than he's looked in a long time - maybe the not getting up ridiculously early in the AM has been good for him. (Perhaps he snuck out for a few Sabrett's hot dogs, even .....)

CollegeGirl said...


OH NO SHE (baba wawa) DIDN'T!! LOL! I can't believe she asked that!! Now I'm REALLY looking forward to this special -I want to see the look on Imus's face when she says that.

And I'm glad to know that the I-Man is looking good. (Well, as good as he CAN look...) Him being rested and healthy is a very good sign.

Thanks for the comment! :-)