Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Sidekick Rumor is True...

From Bob Glauber, yet again:

We all know the I-man was kicked off the air at WFAN for making racist and sexist remarks about the Rutgers women's basketball team. This despite repeated apologies and meetings with the players and coach Vivian Stringer, as well as prominent African American leaders.

But now that he is making a comeback on WABC radio, we're hearing that he is expected to have an African American on-air personality working with him in studio. We still haven't pinned down a name, but we'll let you know as soon as we hear something more.

If Imus follows through on this plan, it will certainly create an interesting dynamic, especially given his reputation for making edgy - and sometimes over-the-edge - racial remarks. And it could go a long way toward re-establishing his credibility if he can remain relevant and more sensitive to racial issues...




laree said...

College Girl,

Someone had brought up the Weasel list and this made me think of it so for all reading here is a link to a recent article with links embedded for the list.

laree said...

This list is what Imus Yahoo Fan Group is using.

Friends that Stood by Don Imus (2007-07-23)

UPDATE 07-23-07

Inner Circle: (long time friends)
Charles McCord
Levon Helm
Bo Dietl
Pat Buchanan
Bo Dietl
Sid Rosenberg
Rob Bartlett
Chris Russo
Mike Francessca
Kinky Friedman
James Carville
Paul Begala
Tom Oliphant
Mike Barnicle
Bill Mahr
Larry Kenney
Opie and Anthony
Craig Crawford (extra credit for crying)
Mary Matalin
Bob Schieffer
Joel Hollander
Jay Severn
Michael Graham

True friends of Imus: (some of these probably need to move up)
Joe Lieberman
Col. Jack Jacobs
Lou Dobbs
Jerry Della Famina
Laura Ingraham
Jeff Greenfield
Also the people of Bigelow Tea.

Conditional Friends - Checking wind direction before committing fully?
John Kerry*
John McCain*
Rudy Giuliani*
Chris Dodd*
Andy Rooney? (Don't call me)
Brian Williams (Ready to benefit if Imus returns)

Individuals that have spoken in support of Don Imus (not personal
friends as far as I know)
Dick Cavett
Fred Lundgren+
Pat Boone
Larry Elder
John Mayer (the singer)
Charles Barkley
Sean Hannity
Allen Combs
Neil Spagna

Just Realized Imus is an evil ba*tard:
Harold Ford (he was MIA when it mattered most!)
Joe Biden

Witness Protection Program:
Tim Russert
Chris Matthews

*Said Imus shouldn't have been fired, but placed conditions on
appearing on his show again.
+Fred is championing the cause for free speech but has indicated his
dislike for Imus the man.

Do we have long memories or what!!

CollegeGirl said...

Thank you for the list, Laree.

Al said...

Imus has always been relevant and he slipped up ONCE back in April...
How much more sensitive does Gauber want Imus to be? Maybe he wants Imus to weep more of the time?..

Gauber is, though, posting some good info...and thanks to you, College Girl, for finding Gaubers blog..

CollegeGirl said...

Thanks, Al. I agree, the Glauber guy seems a little...sensitive?

I will be honest. If it turns out that Imus was forced to do this, I will lose one hell of a lot of respect for him. This black sidekick thing is fucking ridiculous. It looks like he was cock-blocked by Sharpton and Jackson, and that REALLY, really makes me sad. It's like the PC crowd has won.

Phyllis said...

The black sidekick rumor is upsetting -- only because it would feel like Imus was TOLD to do it. And Imus fans don't like to think that anybody tells Imus what to do about ANYTHING --(except Deidre or possibly Charles!).

On the other hand (as Imus would argue with himself), if Imus chose to do it because HE wanted to, then he'll esplain it to us later and it'll be okay. As long as the guy isn't lame. Lame as in 'not funny', not the crippled kind of lame. You just can't be too careful these days.

Al said...

Actually, on one of Imus' last shows on WFAN/MSNBC, he mentioned that for a long time they'd been thinking about adding a Black member to the show....they just never got around to doing it.

So, having a Black member on the show isn't really a new idea to Imus...

and, if you all remember, Imus used to have 2 African American comedians(who worked as a team) on regularly...I forget their names...but one of them died and that was the end of that...

Al said...

Stephan Dweck and Monteria Ivey, two black comedians who have a book called "A Field Guide to White People."

These are the 2 guys Imus used to have on his show...

saad-o said...

I remember Dweck & Ivey on his show, they had several books out back then...they were hilarious!! My old brain could be playing tricks on me, but I'm fairly sure that Imus used to call them "nappy-headed nitwits" regularly. Phony "Rev" Al may have been crapping in his track suit back then, but it's harder to make trouble when the "victims" are playing along...

saad-o said...

Hey Collegegirl,

I'm less concerned about sidekicks or guests than I am about Bernard. For me, he is and always was the key. I'm pleased to see him on the list as on-air member, but what Bernie will we get? Will Mayor Nagin be griping about stinkin' corpses, or will Bernie be neutered? That's what I'll be listening for right away; if Bernie's relegated to the corner, Imus' show will be Weekend @ Bernie's, and this summer & fall will all have been for nothing. I guess we'll see...

CollegeGirl said...

You guys make very good points.

I actually never saw Dweck and Ivey, so I had no idea about them. That's very good to know. Also, I didn't know that they had been thimking about adding a black sidekick for awhile. Thanks, Al and saad-o, for telling me all of that. That's valuable information.

I'm just like you, Phyllis, in the sense that it would frighten me to know that this was forced upon him - a concession to the PC crowd - and also that this guy could be super lame.

And I agree that the important thing is that we're getting EVERYONE back. Especially Bernie.That's the important thing to remember. And also, this could be the hilarity of the Imus show, plus one.

(I would think that Bernie could be the same as always. We know now that he'll have a speaking role. He might give "Ray Nagin" to the black sidekick, and he may be more careful around the women's sports updates. But I would hope that he'd be as funny as ever.)

Thanks everyone, I'm more optimistic about this now. :-)

laree said...


I know did Mayor Nagin ever find his elderly mother?

I mean we were left hangin. I really want them to pick up where they left off, in fact if they said something like, oh yeah where was I, and then just started the show back up exactly like we just left it.

CollegeGirl said...

And Laree, we never found out about Ray Nagin's Presidential run. I wonder how that's going? I'm so glad we'll be getting Imus back in time for the 2008 Presidential race...:-)

Anonymous said...

I think his sidekick is going to be a black woman. Who, Whoopi?

Anonymous said...

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