Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Information Overload

Okay, lots of important things from this morning's Jacques Steinberg article:

1) The Imus premiere show will NOT be at the Beacon Theatre; rather, it will be at the Town Hall performance center in Midtown Manhattan. The Times says that no ticket information has been announced; however, I included a link to their box office for information.

2) Imus will be signing a contract with RFD-TV within the next few days. Allegedly, it will last for five years and "could be worth" up to $5 million a year. Steinberg notes, "Even with a portion of the RFD payment going to Citadel, Mr. Imus’s annual compensation from his new radio and TV outlets could be within range of the roughly $10 million he was being paid annually by CBS Radio." Bwahahahaha.

3) Imus in the Morning will air on RFD's main channel in the morning. However, it will rerun on their HD station in the evening.

4) Most of the article discusses the juicy details about how the RFD deal was struck, so it's a must-read. It also centers on RFD founder Patrick Gottsch, who comes across as a lovely man and a genuine person.

5) Mr. Gottsch is described as a man "whose shoulder-length grayish hair and weathered complexion are evocative of a younger Mr. Imus, though not much younger." Hey, New York Times? Why must we mock the nice rural businessman?

6) The article says that Mr. Gottsch wants to strike up deals with Comcast and Time Warner. However, it's strongly implied that those talks have not taken place. For those of you who are hanging onto Comcast and Time Warner, it may be awhile (if at all.) So you might want to switch over now.

The details are finally taking shape!


Al said...

Mr. Gottsch don't exactly have that Manhattan business-man 'look' does he?

laree said...

College Girl

What is the channel for HD TV? in the evening? Is this channel carried by the major cable companys?

I have Direct TV so I get RFDTV it is 379 where I reside.

laree said...



laree said...

College Girl

I am wondering what the evening channel is that is carrying Imus, where it states, high definition off shoot..Imus in the Morning and Imus again in the Evening?

Al said...

Click the Press Release, laree...

Press Release about Imus and RFD

CollegeGirl said...

Thanks for the help with the press release, Al. And yeah, I agree that he doesn't really fit the Manhattan businessman look..:-)

Laree, I read somewhere that they're launching the HD channel just a few days before Imus returns. So we probably won't know what it is until it premieres. That said, if RFD is channel 379, then I'm sure its HD station would be 380 or something close. That's usually how stations are ordered on DirecTV. (In my experience.)

laree said...


I am sure they will give us all a heads up. I am hoping they spend some advertizing dollars. to let everyone know...a good spot is the Factor on Fox, any night of the week.

Al said...

I heard the Imus duck(quack..quack) today at the top of the 2PM hour on WABC!

pretty doggone cute...on such a 'serious' radio station!


CollegeGirl said...

Al, thanks for the "quack quack" report! :-) Every time I've tried to hear it, I've always missed it - I think that might be because I always check in the evening. I'll have to try again at a better hour.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know where i can download the imus duck "quack quack" sound im trying to find a wav file of it, checking youtube as well theres alot of imus stuff on youtube