Sunday, November 25, 2007

Imus Christmas Mix

Boy, do I have a surprise for you.

You may remember the story of KCAA. When Imus was cancelled last spring, the California radio station refused to stop playing Imus' old shows in protest.

KCAA's website contained daily podcasts of every single Imus show since February 2006. After the cancellation, some KCAA employees urged Imus fans to download these shows before the station deleted them.

Unfortunately, I was only able to snag about 15 shows. But one of them included the December 25, 2006 broadcast - a program filled with nothing but classic Christmas skits mixed in with classic Christmas songs.

Therefore, I now present to you the Imus Christmas Mix - a compilation of the show's best Christmas material from the past fifteen years. It's broken down into five parts for easier downloading - I also edited out the commercials and the newscasts.

The skits include:

- The stirring tale of "Ebenezer Imus" and his abused employee "Bernie Cratchit;"
- Sal Minella's "Night Before Christmas;"

- The "Little Drummer Boy Rap" (which, incidentally, will require nothing short of a lobotomy to get out of your head);

-Blind Mississippi White Boy Pigs Feet Dupree's "White Trash Christmas;"

-timeless Christmas music;

-and so much more.

Feel free to download this and to tell your friends; I just want to share the love. Just a note of caution, however: these files may take a second to download if you have a slow connection. (Also, keep this a secret from your friends who work at CBS Radio, mmmkay?)
Merry Christmas, and remember: we're just a week away!

UPDATE: I've fixed the server problems, I think. If you have any problems listening to these files, post it in the comments or shoot me an email.


Al said...

Holy god, Girl, those are awesome!

ho ho ho, Santa needs a Ho...

ho ho ho, Santa needs a Ho...


CollegeGirl said...

Thanks, Al!

I love how the show is debuting during the Christmas season. If "ho" is banned from the show, then they won't be able to play half of these Christmas skits anymore, LOL.

Expect to hear lots of "ho ho ho" jokes over the next few weeks...

Anonymous said...

This is Great!! Thank you so much

Bruce said...

Oh College Girl you have outdone yourself this time.

I have downloaded all the episodes you were so fortunate to have archived. Future archives of Imus' show will be plentiful. We are ready to rumble.
Now let's have a great Christmas and Holiday Season. And I personally thank you for doing so much. 7 days and 4 hours to go.

Bruce from Florida

Anonymous said...

It is incredibly nice of you -- TY.

Merry Christmas!

imusfan said...

Thanks CollegeGirl, these are great!

Page Six reports that Bo D says Imus will have a "co-host". I don't like that idea - if he does, I hope it's an old friend and long-time listener who gets the show, and that they have good chemistry.

In my mind, Charles is his co host.

laree said...

Imus return Poll,

Right now most favored at 89% with 257 votes. I know it doesn't matter, I just love to share my opinion when asked SMILE Who wants to vote for Imus's return?

Al said...

Just a week away...wonder why they haven't announced who the Black co-host is gonna be...

hmm...maybe Bernard is the one who is going to be the Black woman co-host!


Al said...

btw, the online Streaming audio from the Clearwater station loads and starts broadcasting alot quicker than the stream from Wtkk or WABC...

Phyllis said...

Thanks, CollegeGirl!

I-Hos everywhere thank you for these most excellent Christmas memories.

Santa should put something special in your stocking this year.

Ho ho ho.

laree said...


Update from Neil Best,

CollegeGirl said...

Thanks for all the compliments and suggestions, everyone. :-)

Anonymous said...

who sang the gospel silent night?