Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hail, Hail, the Gang's ALL Here

I will let this post speak for itself.

What with Neil Best being on vacation this week, we didn't want to leave you completely out in the cold if there was some news about Don Imus' impending return to the airwaves. So we've got a few nuggets to share with you.
Here goes:

* Engineer Lou Ruffino has yet to officially sign a contract to join the program, but he's expected to do so shortly. We heard that Ruffino was among those on a tour yesterday of Imus' new digs at WABC radio.

* Bernard McGuirk will be an on-air personality.

* Of course, Charles McCord is signed, sealed and delivered.

* We've also heard that there will be an interesting on-air hire that is sure to create a buzz, but we're not yet privy to the name. We might hear something more tomorrow.

For those of you new to this blog who somehow heard there was some Imus news, welcome aboard. We're mostly football around here, but we are big Neil Best fans, so we dabble in a variety of things. Check us out and feel free to come back if you like. Or else feel free to completely ignore us and count the days until Best is back on the clock.
For now, I will ignore the mysterious "interesting on-air hire." All I care about is that the fans will be getting McCord, McGuirk, Rufino (with one f), Bartlett, and Kenney. Oh, and Imus, too. Can't forget him.


Al said...

The 'interesting on-air hire' must be Imus' "Black sidekick" that everyone's been writing about?...

CollegeGirl said...

That's my suspicion...

imusfan said...

Who would be a good candidate for that role - of course I vote for DL Hughley; they could start the first show discussing the physical attributes of some female sports team :)

CollegeGirl said...

It's a good question, Imusfan.

If we absolutely had to have a black sidekick, then D.L. Hughley would be great. I think I'd really like Patrice O'Neal. He's on Opie & Anthony occasionally, and I used to catch him on "Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn," which used to be in Stephen Colbert's slot on Comedy Central. Patrice's standup is pretty hilarious.

And speaking of that female sports team, the presence of a black sidekick definitely raises the question of what discussions would and wouldn't be off-limits. I can't help but wonder whether the presence of a black sidekick would allow them to be even MORE un-PC than before.

Sigh...if only Charles could suddenly "discover" that his long-lost grandfather was black...

saad-o said...

I recognize everyone, except for the 2 chicks in front...any guesses?