Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Bio, Rewritten

Compare this...

...with this.

EDIT: I need to clarify something that I wrote earlier. I had said that I was discouraged by the more "somber" tone in the latter link, and I hoped that it wouldn't carry on to the new show.

But "somber" is too harsh a word. "Reflective" is better. I was just disturbed a little that the old one was zany, and the new one is much more serious. I suppose it has to be, but whatever.

The second one is well-written, though. And you can tell that Charles wrote it, too. It has that perfect mix of SAT vocab and depraved humor.

I like the way it's crafted. It starts out with this image of a narrator who's come to tell you a tale of an extraordinary person. But, the narrator cautions, "If you knew a certain fact about this man's life, you would condemn him immediately and stop listening. So I'm not going to tell you that fact until the end. But first, let me tell you the real story." Then it branches into this narrative about how the protagonist's life totally sucked until about age 30, when he achieved fame and glory. Everything is going great until finally, when things reach their best, the narrator feels that he has to tell you this horrible secret. Very effective.

(Can you tell that I'm a writer and like to overanalyze things?)


Al said...

Didn't read the MSNBC bio, but the latter bio was nice and easy...thanks for finding this!

The I-Man is smart...VERY smart...and he's funny...VERY funny...he'll be ok as long as he doesn't let Bernard lead him into dangerous territory...

imusfan said...

I didn't get that the new bio has a "somber tone" - I really like it. I think the real I-Man will be back, and loaded for bear, because he is incapable of being anyone but himself. I can't wait.

laree said...

He was the butt of most of the jokes and the schticks if anyone who called for him to be fired they would have known there was no intent to harm anyone.

Is this supposed to be a Humble bio for a larger then life Ego?
I have always understood that Imus is an American Product, that's part of his charm.

laree said...

Karma is a bitch as I allude to in my comments here: Whoopi what's being fired like? Yes I mentioned her position on the firing of Imus.

laree said...

This is what I am talking about, throwing stones in a glass house.

I have a problem with all three of these people stating Imus should have been fired Al Roker, Whoopi Goldberg and Spike Lee- who never did thank Bernie for plugging his lame movie Skool Daze.

CollegeGirl said...

Now that I think about it...I think "somber" was too harsh a word. "Reflective" is better, much better.

It just worried me that some of the jokes in the original were "softened." And how originally the bio was this zany thing, but now it's this very reflective piece.

But that said...

It's written well. And as weird as this sounds, I can almost hear Charles' voice when I read it. It's like he's telling us this story. And you can almost hear the "Rocky" theme at the end. It's good.

Laree - I agree, payback is a biotch. No one should ever pay attention to Spike Lee or Whoopi anyway. And Al Roker...well, Bo said it best on today's Page Six. :-)

laree said...


channelXRFR said...


Welcome to the I-Mash!

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