Thursday, November 1, 2007

"The Biggest News Talk Radio Station In America Just Got Bigger!"

That's the title of the official WABC announcement on their website:

Citadel Broadcasting Corporation and 77WABC Radio today announced the hiring of Don Imus as the station’s new morning host beginning Monday, December 3rd. Imus is bringing his team back to the radio on 77 WABC including newsman Charles McCord. The show will air 6am to 10am on 77WABC and will be syndicated nationally by the ABC Radio Network.

“We are ecstatic to bring Don Imus back to morning radio,” said 77WABC President & General Manager Steve Borneman. “Don’s unique brand of humor, knowledge of the issues and ability to attract big-name guests is unparalleled. He is rested, fired up and ready to do great radio on the nations most listened to News/Talk radio station, 77WABC.”

Imus has been a morning radio icon for over 30 years in New York City. Throughout that span, Don developed a reputation as a hard-hitting interviewer, able to ask tough questions and still have his guests come back for more. An extensive roster of celebrities, politicians and media stars have appeared on his program during that time, establishing Imus in the Morning as the nation’s radio show of record.

During that same time, WABC grew into the most listened to News/Talk radio station in the nation. From its studios, 77WABC launched the national careers of the biggest talk show hosts on the radio: Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and Matt Drudge. “Having Don Imus join the WABC galaxy of stars is certainly an amazing addition to our station and for our company but most importantly, the real winners are morning radio listeners everywhere,” said Borneman.

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laree said...

College Girl,

Meanwhile because Tim Russert asked Hillary a question during the last Dem debate. Media Matters is now going after Uncle Tim, I hope NBC learned their lesson with what happened to Imus in the Morning. Although I don't like the way Tim Russert responded when Imus was targeted by Media Matters, I don't want to see Russert or anyone else fall prey to these "Jokers" If this link doesn't work check out Hot Air, Michelle Malkin's blog. WABC77 is in Hot Air's Blog Roll.

Remember Russert asked her position on Spitzer's illegal alien drivers licenses issue.