Wednesday, November 28, 2007


What does that number mean?

It's buried in a article about GM being wishy-washy with buying ad time on Imus in the Morning.

"The show will be carried on 61 stations outside of New York."

Yeah, that's right. Including WABC, there will be 62 stations broadcasting the show. So, the show will be back to its original number of affiliates.

More good news: this was hinted at earlier, but today's TVNewser confirms that Newsweek guests won't be back. Honestly, losing the Newsweek guests might be the best thing that happened to Imus' show. They all were so boring, self-absorbed, and brought nothing to the table.

In the meantime...four more days!


laree said...

Newsweek won't be back as guest, can we get that in Writing? Also Anna Marie Cox, I don't want her crawling in under any fences SMILE, or through any cracks in the doorway.

channelXRFR said...

Not one reporter has noted the business relationship between the parties.

Newsweek and MSNBC have a commercial relationship. This is a financial decision not a principled one!

channelXRFR said...

PS College Girl;

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Your Fan,


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